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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Modern Goddess Best Of The Blog Top Ten Captions 2013

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Was one of your favorites also one of mine?

I was inspired by Dee's Top Ten after looking at her thoughtful choices.  It turned out picking 10 here was more difficult than I thought, especially considering it's my own work!  Still, I tried to pick the captions that stood out because they somehow blended both the written word and the visual.  Ultimately it came down to MY own favorites (wilth my dutiful PA giving her two cents).  I would love to hear your opinions (that's half the fun of this!) once you've read over it. 

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10. - Out Of Touch | Technology Gap

This is a very recent one but it's very dear to me.  It's for Dee, one of my oldest friends within this world and she's often brought out my most humorous moments when it comes to captions.  Making this one took me back to my early haven days when I was throwing things up against he wall in hopes that it would work.  This is the same thing only with a lot of experience behind it!  Also, the design drove me nuts at first, but I was pleased with the final result.

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9 - Joy | Pleasure In Surrender

I love sweetness.  More than my captions reflect.  Still, I like to try to show some high enjoyable moments, even when I put a few hazy grey areas around the frames.  I was trying to make the person this was made for squirm.  It seemed to achieve just that.

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8. - Never My Equal | Ending The Rivalry

I don't do as many straight up erotica captions these days, especially ones multi-image ones.  Smitty just seemed to completely corner the market when he was active and I honestly had a hard time finding a lot of good stories for them.  However, I still enjoy good ones and I love making good ones when I find the right images.  This was a return to old school wickedness and the person who sparked it is a welcome addition to the haven. 

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7. - Skinwalker | A New Hunger

I was going to put "Pleasure Or Prey" in this caption's place because this caption wouldn't exist if I had not done the previous one.  In the end it came down to presentation and writing.  Both has an appeal to me and both are unique transformations for me to write.  Skinwalker wins out by a nose hair. . . or perhaps it's blonde hair....

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6. - You've Believe Anything |  The Lies We Tell

This was one of the captions I knew was going to be on this list as soon as I decided to do it.  It's one of those captions I'm actually surprised I made because the writing feels beyond me.  It's a personal favorite and means more to me than than it's position here.  A lot of you seems to agree; it was one of the more popular ones I did with you wonderful readers.

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5. - Who I Chose To Be | Undeniable

If I were to be given my fantasy, this might be the way I would express it.  If given a chance to be feminine and allowed to live out my most intimate feelings, these words might be why.  It would be part of my manifest and it's a picture of one of my favorite models. 

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4. - The Perfect Look | Long Live Kendall

This caption will go down as one of my all-time favorites.  It was one of those situations where image, design, ascetics and writing all blended in symphony.  I've done more visually interesting captions and I've done better written ones, but I can think of fewer with this much synergy. 

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3. - Sheer Control | Sentient Beauty

Another I just knew it was going to be on this list.  When my proof reader sent me notes back, I got a lot of exclamation points for their adoration.  I knew it was special because they had not seen the image yet.  This was also the caption that showed me how much liked the idea of magical clothing.  If you all remember Evie, she was a master of this type of caption and I'll already remember her's were some of the first I read on rachel's haven. 
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2.- Breaking In A Filly | Montana Heat

I almost didn't make this cap.  This almost ended up becoming my next long-form TG story, but the images inspired it so I found a way to make it work.  This one another caption that took me back to my earlier days.  I used to do a lot more mult-panel captions involving sex then and this made me think of doing more.  This illustrated story will be the reason I do a few extra erotic stories in the coming year.

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1. - The Escort | A Woman For Every Occasion

This caption was number one in my heart from the start.  As soon as I finished it, I knew this would be one of my all time favorites.  I also knew this one would not be a big hit on my blog but I didn't care.  I loved the fantasy of it all, the images and the response it got from a few friends who read it.  If it's not my favorite ever, it's in the top 3. 

Honorable Mentions

Captions that barely missed the mark.

Divine Ritual | Path To Perfection
Truce | Serendipitous Mischief
Peep Show! | First Meeting
Keeping Promises | Pride In The Fall
Wicked Game | Helpless Against Love

Read Top 5 (Based On Views)

5. Pleasure Principle | Learning How To Be Beautiful (6023 views)
4. Born Again | Understanding Each Other (6325 views)
3. Lust's Rebirth | Pink Friday (6684 views)
2. A Doll's Life | Pretty Little Things (6864 views)
1.Corrupted...Into Bliss | The Erotic Paradise (6972 views)

So my dear readers, That ends the list.  What do you think?  What where your favorites on the list?  What were your favorites on the blog (even if they weren't listed here.)?  Let me know!


  1. Simone,

    I think you've done a wonderful job of rounding up a list of great captions from this previous year. A constant thought running through my head as I perused each one was 'Oh, this has to be a favorite!'. I think one thing that these lists emphasize is your wildly variable writing and design styles. Each variable that you choose to write... hot and sexy, smooth and sultry, wicked and tempting, sweet and loving, all seem to be your defining mark. Where most cap artists find a sweet spot for their stories... quirky and funny, steamy one handed reading, delicate and adoring, willing and eager... your personal sweet spot is excelling in any arena that you toss your lovely hat into.

    The same sentiment applies to your design skills. Multiple images, text within a photo, animated gifs, modern blocked... your style and design is as fluid as a running river. And you never seem to be 'off' of your game.

    It's far easier to pick a favorite (or several favorites) of other cap artists over a given set of time. If they make humorous caps, find the funniest ones. If they make 'hawt' captions, find the most erotic. If they make high style caps, find the most artistic. But you... you dip your toes into all of these pools, so I find myself comparing an achingly sweet and adoring caption with an erotic carnal caption. These are both pitted against a stylish couture caption. And a laugh out loud funny caption. And....

    With all this said, I just don't think I could possibly pick out one or even several 'favorite' captions. When you are hitting on all cylinders (which you often are) you are one of the best most consistent caption makers currently working. When you aren't at the top of your game... well you still make some of the best captions.

    Cap fans are eager to read your wonderful creations. Cap creators are jealous of your style and writing. And we're all better off for the creations that pour out of you.

    Thanks for a great year of caps, and I'll be eagerly awaiting each and every submission for 2014!

    1. O_O

      Caitlyn, you are trying to make me cry. Every word is so sweet and I don't have the words to say thank you properly. My dear, you've made my day and I'm glad I know you!

  2. Of course, I'm very partial to "You'll Believe Anything" ;) but I wanted to mention two of my favorites that didn't make the final cut: "Perfect Package" and the very recent "Five Senses"

    1. I have to say I was surprised at how well "Perfect Package" was received. I had a fair amount of verbal feedback on it.

      "Five Senses" was a lot of fun to do. I would love to capture that feeling in a caption again.

  3. Picking a Top 10 out of your captions must've been quite a monumental task! They're all so great!

    I'm particularly tickled pink to see that two of the delicious treats you made for me made your Top 10! We definitely share a lot of the same buttons and fantasies and I loved them as well.

    I also quite enjoyed "Breaking in a Filly" and "Peep Show" (which was a honorable mention). Wonderful stuff Simone!

  4. Of course, I love the one your did for me, even though you don't like putting black text on a white background! Though you always have a playful and sometimes silly sense of humor, it doesn't always come out through your captions, and this one did bring the giggles out big time!

    I think "Who I choose to be" would be my favorite as its got much of you in it, but its such a universal theme too. Its also not the slightest bit aggressive or forceful, which you do really well. but it gives us a change up of heartfelt emotions. I mean, how many times do we truly write uplifting captions?


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