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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Joy" or "Pleasure In Surrender"

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The warmth rippled through Charlie’s body again, eliciting a squeal from the changeling. 

“Simone!” Charlie cooed as the air surrounding him shifted.  Simone simply giggled as she watched her lover sigh.  It was entirely too much fun to pull Charlie’s strings.  She bit her lip as her boyfriend’s body morphed right before her eyes, turning even more slender than before.  She had done it so many times but it always caused a stir when she watched her little girl change again.

“You don’t fool me, sweetie,” Simone said as Charlie’s shirt became light and slinky.  “You’ve loved every minute of this, CHARLOTTE.”  She licked her lips as she spoke the feminine name, watching the nymph blush.  Her skin was paler this time, more like pure porcelain given life. 

“At least give me some. . . aaaaah! warning!  This is the ooo. . fourth one today!”  Charlotte moaned as her hair grew out from the cute bob she had before.    Bangs fell in her face and she giggled when her hair tickled her neck. 

“Now where would be the fun in that?  Besides, you like the surprise of it all.  Isn’t that why we used the spell?”  The magical warmth gathered under Charlotte’s budding breasts and she couldn’t resist the urge to touch them.  She squealed delightedly as she felt her chest rise under her slender fingers.  Her bubbly response was all the confirmation Simone needed to the question.

“Ooooh this is nice,” Charlotte’s voice was softer this time, a hint of an accent in her words.  Any rebuttal she had to Simone’s control was rapidly fading.

“Of course it’s nice, I told you every change would be a blissful experience.”  Simone said as she padded over to Charlotte.  “You surrendered control of your body’s shape to me, so enjoy the ride.”  Charlotte mewed as Simone cupped her other breast.  She did trust Simone, but then she had no choice.  Charlotte had to be whatever kind of girl Simone wanted - at any time. 

That might be the BEST part of the whole thing.


  1. Charlotte no doubt did love every minute. Great caption Mistress

  2. request: could you do a cap where the guy
    tg'd is hypnotized to obey the guy that changed him, and then it leads to some sort of sex scene from the point of view of the unchanged guy? | or could you do a friend into girlfriend tg?

  3. This could use an "Asian" tag.


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