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Friday, June 6, 2014

Monday, February 3, 2014

About A Boy | Stole My Heart

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From a different perspective - when the girl you fall in love with isn't a girl

Monday, May 28, 2012

Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Coming To Term(s)" or "Equivalent Exchange"

While I personally never ask for pregnancy captions, I seem to have ended up making a lot of them as repayment captions of late.  In this case I don't mind; it was made for Charlotte as a thank you for giving me a lovely caption for a Guest Caption post.  I intended it to be story driven and really worked on a more sentimental tone.  The images I thought were appropriate for the idea I was trying to convey.   Untill next time dolls

Monday, October 3, 2011

[Classic Caption]“The Acceptance of Jayne” or “Fell In Love With A Girl”

Originally Posted @ Rachel's Haven June 2008

This caption is extremely personal to me.  I almost didn't want to post it, but it a story of a simple wish.
Wherever you are, Jayne, I hope you are well.  I miss you. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

[Classic Caption] "First-Date Flutters" or "For whom The Doorbell Tolls"

Made for Jillisa @ Rachel's Haven back in 2008.   I think I enjoyed writing this one more than anything else about it because I feel like it's the story that truly takes the stage.  It's a sentimental one with more emotion than most of my caps.  Yet I get a lot of joy writing things like this.

Friday, April 15, 2011

"Owe It To Yourself" or "Fantasy meets Reality"

Made for Gwendolyn.  Something sweet and where the story is more of a beginning than an ending. . .  I'm wondering if this can be made into a multiple story series.  I just feel there is more of the story to tell.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

[Special Guest Caption] Angel -"Meant To Be"

Angel over at Angel's Captions made this delightful caption for me.  I love the simplicity of the themes.  A girl who wants to thank someone with her newfound femininity.  It's obvious by the style of writing she loves what she's become and every new feminine experience is a pure joy; even the ritual of making herself pretty is something to be cherished and loved.  Most of all, she just loves her status and her beauty.  She gets to be many things and all of the contradicting and she can choose to share it with who ever she likes.   It's something I can't deny enjoying and dreaming about.

One aspect I find fun about this caption it the possibility of this situation to be one day real.  If technology allowed for some sort of transformation, how many of you wouldn't make yourself beautiful and race to give yourself to someone.  Perhaps it' someone in mind, perhaps it's someone you'll go hunt for to act as the participant of your fantasies made reality.  Perhaps you'll even look for love and the whole experience from the other side of the fence.  I have a sneaking feeling if such were the case, the female population would suddenly balloon. 

On a side note: there some style issues with my captions that have come to my attention that have caused me to rethink my design choices.  The main reasons I create captions is a need for expression & creativity, a chance to practice a form of writing, and a need to share and explore themes.  I would be foolish to deny that audience is a big part of what I do here so I have to take those things into consideration.  While I tend to fall more on the story side of "image/content" preference, it's pretty obvious that the visual element is a big deal for me.  I want them to be a treat for the eyes and the mind, and while picture choice is key, you can enhance those in choices.  I want to make my captions as accessible as possible because I want people to enjoy them.  I might have to play around a bit to see if I can find some happy medium.  Besides, I might find new design themes I like.  Evolution should be embraced after all!

Also, I've gotten a few questions I should answer this week from Formspring.  Until next time, dolls.

Friday, March 11, 2011

"Anticipation" or "Come What May"

"Room Enough In Here For One More. . ."
I haven't been "Proud" of a caption like this one in a long time.  Sometimes the writing flows like water and this one felt so good to write.  Made for Reprobate, It was inspired by her very candid and honest manifest about why she wants to be a girl.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Embracing Perfection" or "The Soul Knows You Best"

Over 400,000 views!  I'm so glad you all are enjoying this blog.  I'll keep trying to keep the content interesting.

I spun this tale for Jillisa.  I wanted to created a sensual, loving tale that was blended with submission.  The picture seemed to convey all of those ideas as well as provide a highly erotic charge.  I struggled with the design of this one and scrapped to other designed before I decided to use some things I've seen done by Caitlyn over at  Caitlyn's Masks.  Because of the length of story, I didn't know how to show both the story and picture effectively with my usual favorite design techniques.  Incorporating some things seen by Caitlyn seemed to give me the space I needed.  I only wish there had been more picture to help tell the story.  Still, the submissive kiss was more than enough to keep the motor running.

I'm planning on releasing some things I've been working on.  I've had my own little mini-universe I've wanted to play with and I've made some captions in it, but I have yet to release them beyond Rachel's Haven.  When I finish the origins story, I shall release all the rules for it and post the captions made in the universe.  I hope you'll find it fun to play in. 

Until next time, dolls.
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