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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Juxtaposition | Shift In Power [Explicit]

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Change is good.

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This is a pussy, sweetie.  Do you feel my fingers swirling around inside your hole?  You can feel your nectar simmering to a boil while the heat of lust spreads.  It’s deliciously uncomfortable; like an itch that feels good each time you scratch it.  A pussy is very different from a cock, hunny.  You are used to invading and thrusting.  But that’s not what your pussy is for.  Your pussy is for cocks.  Throbbing velvet shafts that pulse and probe.  No matter the size, your pussy will yield and accommodate it.  You’ll feel it every time one plunges into your dampness.  

This must be so disorienting for you. Thoughts clouded by desire, not used to the hormonal juxtaposition of femininity.  You are learning first hand that a woman’s body has different needs than a man.  But it’s only one lesson of many.  Each thing I teach you will erode that old, boorish way of thinking that you thought helped make you a better man.  You will cry, shout, squeal and beg just like you wanted all the girls to do for you.  I will break down the masculine and rebuild you into the image of femininity that you envisioned. . . with a few improvements.  Your replacement at the office will like an obedient personal assistant and she had some very specific requirements for you.  So enjoy what I’m giving you, dear; the rest won’t be quite so pleasant.   


  1. Well Simone you do it to me everytime.
    I find myself gasping as I read each line
    soooop hot. May have to go stand in the snow in my panties to cool down

  2. I know you get asked this about a lot of your caps but will there be a part 2 to this? Really enjoyed this one so far!

    1. I can't say I intended for this caption to have a sequel - I don't have connecting images and I didn't envision the next step. Perhaps I'll consider doing something similar that is more involved at some point.

  3. Love this story Mistress. Such descriptive, erotic text. The featuring of one of my favorite models makes it even better.


  4. While this isn't my favorite theme or trope, I must say this was an exquisite taste of your unparalleled prose. Any decent caption artist can make a few good descriptions or two, but it takes a real master to make every word a vibrant burst of imagery. I love the writing in this cap Simone. Great job.



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