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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Double Bogey Babe" or "Playing For Position"

Something about this picture is both cute and slutty.  There's a hint at what she'll do later on after the 18th hole. . . more than likely introduce her partner to the 19th one in the bedroom!  No question it will be a hole in one.
Still, it fit Courtney's preferences perfectly - no nudity.  As Jennifer once pointed out, Courtney's preferences make people usually believe you can't be a little wicked.  It's not the case at all.  Anyone who has ever seen Courtney's stuff knows the little minx has a wonderful imagination.  She's taken some very vanilla pictures and made some steamy stories based around them.

I always picture Courtney as the cute girl who looks like she could be a sweet girl next door, but more than likely has been around the block more than you know.  She would ideally make a sexy version of one of the girls from the movie "Sucker Punch" (which disappointed me by the way.  Still, the visuals and the sexy doll-like actresses were at least nice to look at. . . sigh) - sweet, demure and petite and completely desirable.  This is often the image i want to capture when I do captions for her and this one was no different. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Get Her Open" or "Feeling The Change"

Made for A Nony Moose who seems to enjoy dialogue captions.  The design is partly inspired by some of his own trademark caption style.  This is purely about the idea of feeling the transformation.  Being made feminine and smooth with the promise of more sensory experiences. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

[Exclusive Caption] "Hot Rod, Hot Bod" or "Draining The Competition"

I haven't done one of these in a while. 
This started with the picture.  I was playing around with photoshop and wanted to test my skills.  The original picture was black and white (below), so I colorized it in true Ted Tuner fashion.  The story rattled around in my head and went through two revisions.  Honestly, it wasn't the original idea at all.  Still, I enjoyed this one best.  I think it's partly influenced by Smitty and his Suc-u-bus stories.  Delicious idea - I would love for one to find me and make me into their vixen companion so we could drain boys silly.

The original picture.  I'm jealous of this sexy bitch.  She is pure desire in feminine form. 
Special thanks to Caitlyn who gave me suggestions with how to fix this picture. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

"The Birthday Gift" or "See What I See"

I seem to have a bodysuit theme going at the moment.  I would have loved to have gotten this as a birthday present, wouldn't you?

Ask The Goddess: What Would You Say?

I've had to take a bit of a break in terms of making captions.  As I said, it's just a moment to breathe and take care of things life drags your ways.  Not to worry, more is coming soon, dolls.

For now, I'll answer a few questions that have come my ways via Mindspring.

Question #1:
"whats life like being a sexy women?"

As soon as I find out, I'll let you know.  I'm a dreamer like most of you so I'm patiently waiting for my Body-suit order to come in.  Also, I am not sure how I can be multiple women unless I have a means of constantly changing myself, but that would just mean more bodysuits or a lot of practice with magic spells. Sadly, surgery wouldn't be good for multiple changes - the recovery downtime and pain wouldn't be worth the trouble.  Still, the thought of changing bodies like clothes or ordering a cup of coffee is thrilling to me.

Mmmmm  . . . Friday feels like a Blonde day to me. . . wanna taste?
Question #2
"I recently started reading your blog and Rachel's Haven. Before that, I never wanted to be changed, but now I think I do. What do you think that says about me?"

My dear, it simply means you've fallen into my little trap.  Soon you'll be in panties and growing your breasts before you know it!

Honestly, it just means you've grown curious about the idea of change and transformation.  It may stick with you, it may be a passing fancy.  Those of us who have stuck with it quite enjoy our little interest.  It could mean you want to go deeper down the rabbit hole, it could end with just your general, visual interests.  It's for you to contemplate and decide how deep your interest, need and involvement is.  Regardless, I hope you enjoy your stay with us. . . .

You can check out anytime you like. . . but you can never leave! 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Penance" or "Saying What You Mean"

Made for Bren @ Rachel's Haven as part of the Caption Rewards.  She loves revenge and Karma themes, so this was the result.  I get to play with dark ideas when I cap her, so it can be fun.  It can also be challenging from time to time.  Still, the results are usually worth it. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ask The Goddess - 4 Questions

More Questions from Formspring:
Let's start the show, shall we?
Question #1:
"Can you change me into a woman?"

In caption form, yes.  Otherwise, I would suggest you find a doctor who specializes in gender reassignment or seek out the Medallion of Zulo.  If you happen to find that wonderful artifact, please remember to share it - there are many other girls out there like you who want the same thing.
Believe me, I'll be posting pics on twitter if I find the MoZ. . .
Question #2
"If you could ask someone to do only ONE thing to prove their submissiveness to you, what would it be?"
 I asked for photo proof of your acceptance of my dominion.   I've gotten a photograph handwritten sign from a pet once proof and that's about as far as I would want it from this point.  However, if I were to be the goddess of my dreams, I would ask for my pets to kiss my boots as a sign of their undivided servitude.

I may be a bit more demanding later on. . . . .
Question #3:
"Did you ever play Fable 2 and drink the potion of transmogrification.... that would make a great cap" 
To answer this one properly, let me put on my Gamer face . . . . 

You can tell I'm a nerd and smart because I have glasses on.
 There, much better.  
Sadly, I haven't played this game yet.  At the time of it's release, I didn't have my Xbox with me so I missed it.  I have the game and my Xbox again but I've yet to fire it up.  This question now makes me want to hook it back up and play through it just to find out what the fuss is about! 
And if I wind up looking like this as a result, it will be the best game I've ever played!
 Question #4:
 "Hi Mistress, I'm sorry for my english but i'm not english...Can i ask you a TG caption where you are Goddess and re-write the 10 Commandments for us? I hope that your commandments regarding the new male clothes and style... bye, Luke"

 You realize I must do this.  I'll be working on this lovely caption idea and it will pop up soon.  However, here's my question to you lovely dolls out there - What do you think the commandments should be?  If I get some very good ones, I'll use them and make captions out of them all.  Until then, a picture of MY role model & Goddess.

I strive to live by her teachings everyday.

On a side note: thanks to all the lovely girls who wished me a happy birthday.  I'll be posting some of the captions they gave me as a result!  

Another side Note - I've been on a Geek/Nerd Girl kick lately. . . . want to be made into one in caption form.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Reflection Eternal" or "Kiss By The Witching Hour"

"The Secret’s Out" or "Trouble We Share"

Sammie likes girls with something extra, so this is what I made for her.  Something quick and to the point.  Loved this picture to much, the expression on the girls' face as she's being touched makes me quite envious.

 I might post a longer series later.  I haven't decided yet.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Lucid" or "Unconsciously Aware"

Made for Jennifer as a thank you for her help in inspiring this caption ("Anticipation" or "Come What May").  A conversation with her sparked this idea and in response I wanted to give a thank you.  The original picture was in full color, but I made most of it black and white to go with the themes explored.  Jennifer loves the dreamscape, so I wanted to play with that with the writing.  I also loved the perspective of the photo.  It allows the reader to place their ideal upon the bodies of the ravisher and the ravished.  I can write a fantasy for you, but wouldn't be better for me to only give you a guide and allow you to fill the details yourself?  Delicious, just like the ripe breasts in the picture.  Now who wants to wake up with their own pair?

Monday, March 14, 2011

[Classic Caption]"The Fast &The Feminine" or "Street Queen Dreams" (Aug 2008)

I made this caption for Dee with the idea of not doing my usual design elements.  The picture was so amazing and left so much room that I saw no need do much with it.  Still, this is a personal choice for me due to the style of story.  I was (obviously) parodying The Fast & Furious franchise right down to the cheesy dialogue, but it was still a fun concept to play with.  You don't see many good curse stories in TG and this one could have some legs (not as a universe, but definitely for a good fleshed out story.) if written right.  Now if I handed you the cars to your very own TG - inducing car, would you be ready to jump behind the wheel?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

[Special Guest Caption] Angel -"Meant To Be"

Angel over at Angel's Captions made this delightful caption for me.  I love the simplicity of the themes.  A girl who wants to thank someone with her newfound femininity.  It's obvious by the style of writing she loves what she's become and every new feminine experience is a pure joy; even the ritual of making herself pretty is something to be cherished and loved.  Most of all, she just loves her status and her beauty.  She gets to be many things and all of the contradicting and she can choose to share it with who ever she likes.   It's something I can't deny enjoying and dreaming about.

One aspect I find fun about this caption it the possibility of this situation to be one day real.  If technology allowed for some sort of transformation, how many of you wouldn't make yourself beautiful and race to give yourself to someone.  Perhaps it' someone in mind, perhaps it's someone you'll go hunt for to act as the participant of your fantasies made reality.  Perhaps you'll even look for love and the whole experience from the other side of the fence.  I have a sneaking feeling if such were the case, the female population would suddenly balloon. 

On a side note: there some style issues with my captions that have come to my attention that have caused me to rethink my design choices.  The main reasons I create captions is a need for expression & creativity, a chance to practice a form of writing, and a need to share and explore themes.  I would be foolish to deny that audience is a big part of what I do here so I have to take those things into consideration.  While I tend to fall more on the story side of "image/content" preference, it's pretty obvious that the visual element is a big deal for me.  I want them to be a treat for the eyes and the mind, and while picture choice is key, you can enhance those in choices.  I want to make my captions as accessible as possible because I want people to enjoy them.  I might have to play around a bit to see if I can find some happy medium.  Besides, I might find new design themes I like.  Evolution should be embraced after all!

Also, I've gotten a few questions I should answer this week from Formspring.  Until next time, dolls.

Friday, March 11, 2011

"Anticipation" or "Come What May"

"Room Enough In Here For One More. . ."
I haven't been "Proud" of a caption like this one in a long time.  Sometimes the writing flows like water and this one felt so good to write.  Made for Reprobate, It was inspired by her very candid and honest manifest about why she wants to be a girl.

Returned! Technical Difficulties

Last Night My Blog was down for some strange reason.  It's back up now (thankfully), but I wanted to tell everyone it's ok for now.

"They Let Me Out the Dungeon. . . but not without some changes. . . "

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"When Two Become One" or "Ashley Reborn"

This lovely set done for Ashley was the by-product of several revisions and drafts.  A caption can take me anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days and this one took a total of about three days of work.  My greatest frustration is posting a caption going back to find mistakes.  Despite going over it with a fine tooth comb, I found more after it was posted on the haven.  I used to "rush to the press" with new content, but I'm more inclined to hold off and sleep on captions so I can try to catch things.  I still have my urges to hurry up, and the results often make me upset.

This caption went through about 3 writing revisions.  when Dee found this out, she thought it would be interesting to see the evolution of the story telling.  I would advise reading the whole caption before reading on.  Also, if you only care about the sexy, then you might want to skip the commentary below about mechanics on what makes a Mistress Simone cap.  Otherwise, read anyway and comment!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Opps!(Oh My!)" or "Oh Stacey!"

Made for Gwendolyn over at Rachel's Haven.  Just a bit of classic subject material for the change here.  A lovely little girl discovers she loves her new assets.  And really, what's not to like?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

"It's Happening. ." or "Trouble @ 30,000 Feet"

If you can't stop the change, then you're helpless to fight against any part of it. 

Here's a question for you dolls who want a Mistress: if I posted assignments or challenges for potential pets and asked for photo proof, would you be willing?  I would post the results and comment on them here of course.  Let me know because I'm getting the urge to do so.

Friday, March 4, 2011

"A Fever You Can't Sweat Out" or "The Urge"

There is something so raw and sexy about this picture.  The erotic energy makes me tingle all over!  I felt like someone could be fighting against their own pleasure here and it's hard to fight against things you enjoy. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ask The Goddess: Fantasy Or Reality?

Yet another question comes from Form Spring:

"Do you prefer to be a domina in a fantasy world or is better in the real world?"

I think for me to enjoy my kinks in reality there would have to be some fantasy involved. The mind can already reach higher than reality, but it needs that touch of reality to send it racing with ideas. We all love it when some of the fantasy bleeds over into reality. I could be writing this while wearing my favorite garter and stockings with my high-heeled feet resting on the back of a sexy little slave who I use as a foot rest.

And when she's done, I'm going to have her give my boots a good polish. . . 

 I closest reality has mixed with fantasy has been some special circumstances when I've given instructions via email to pets.  The thrill of seeing the evidence of these commands is more than I realized, but it's been extremely limited.  As I've pointed out before, I'm massively picky and I don't want things bleeding over very much.  Until someone really finds a Spells R Us store or Bikini Beach opens for business, I have to settle with mostly fantasy. 

However, the first day Steve Jobs creates the iBodysuit, I will be there ready to be the domina of my and others dreams.

And it's going to be good to be queen. . . .

"Compensation" or "Replacing The Dead Stripper"

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