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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Eternal Rehabilitation | Behold A New Herald

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 Seek Peneance 

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“Yours,” he began, stepping closer as he pressed his hands to the wall. “...Is a most unusual case, Kate.  On one hand, what you did was unforgivable.”  The young woman shivered, his rich baritone voice stirring feelings of dread within her.  “On the other hand, you were not malicious in your intent.  Quite the opposite - You had the noblest intentions.”  She wanted to avert her eyes, but his alluring gaze paralyzed her.  The combination of that and his imposing height made her all too aware of his power over her.

“You were a good man.  But like many good men, you did nothing to stop evil.  My followers prayed for justice - they demanded retribution for their pain.  Everyone who caused them pain must suffer, but they all do not have to pay the same price.  Like you, your superiors have lost their masculinity.  Unlike them, you will not serve as a demon broodmare.”  Kate whimpered at his touch, the images women being mounted by powerful demon-men implanting themselves within her mind.  “Your fate is to serve me as my pleasure companion and herald.  You will seek wicked, dangerous souls who have spurned justice and you will lure them with your feminine wiles.  As my instrument of lust and allure you will do debaucherous things to ensnare them so that I may punish them.  Your body will find great pleasure in these acts, but also great shame.  You’ll struggle, even resist the urge - but your need will always win out.  The lingering sensations of need will send you back on the prowl in search of more.

“What might be the most wicked part of this is that you will eventually you will come to love the passion and humiliation.  You’ll light candles in thanks to me while yearning for the touch of my pleasure and punishment.  You’ll be my most loyal and fervent priestess and  spend every waking moment working to please me in the hopes that I will reward you.  So remember this moment well, dear Kate.  It is the last time you’ll think as a man again.”

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  1. Fantastic cap....but then again I'd think so, it was meant for me.


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