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Monday, August 12, 2013

"You'll Believe Anything" or "The Lies We Tell" [Explicit]

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Let me whisper in your ear . . .

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Each and every orgasm.

Each. And. Every. One.  The first one wasn’t much.  Listen to me, speaking about your first orgasm as if it’s a small thing!  I know first hand how beautiful it can be.  And the first one is ALWAYS a holy experience for a woman.  For you it must have felt like you were crashing into a wall of bliss that twisted your insides into erotic little knots.  Millions of little nerves inside your body all firing at once just because of that little nub nestled between your creamy thighs.  It leaves your head spinning, high on lust.  

That’s the beauty of the spell, Chris.  It works in stages.  The first time softened you up for the second and third.  The post-orgasmic haze that clouds your thoughts gets a little thicker each time you experience nirvana.  Thinking becomes a chore.  Pleasure overrides rationality.  The wet little void between your legs takes precedence over the grey matter inside your pretty head.  

The pleasure that’s building inside you right now is slowly eroding every little bit of your resistance.  The part of you that is Chris is crumbling like sandcastles in the waves, darling.  Soon you won’t remember where you live.  Then you will forget your parents.  Eventually you’ll forget your own name.  And all this leaves you highly susceptible to suggestion.  After you cum for the twentieth time, I could tell you the sky was green and you would believe it.  

Which why this is all so fun for me, sweetness.  Every time you cum, you lose a bit of yourself.  And every time you lose something, I’m going to replace it with a lovely little lie.  Like how you’ve always been a girl.  Or you’ve always been my girlfriend.  I might even convince you that you enjoy prancing around in frilly little maid costumes for me.  You’re my own personal living doll made from clay and I’m going to mold you into the ideal little girl for me.  Doesn’t it sound lovely?  No response?  It’s ok, just imagine that you love it.  Soon you’ll believe that’s true as well.



  1. i just love it. The second and third paragraphs sum up the experience for me as you become Her doll pricing in whatever outfits She wants you in.

    Dollyfully Yours, belinda.

  2. Wonderfully done, Simone. You have such a knack for setting up a story quickly, and letting a reader's imagination sketch in the details. And so well-written. I particularly love the "sandcastles in the waves" simile.

    With so many people leaving captioning lately, thank you for sticking around, and creating such terrific work.

    1. I'm thankful you took the time to comment. This sort of thing prevents me from removing Anonymous posting privileges. Absolutely my day.

  3. I agree with anonymous. The way you can turn a phrase, using perfectly written similes and metaphors, is what makes your writing so fabulous.

    I loved this story - you do bad so well!!

  4. This was very hot. I love the erosion effect and knowing that he's just far enough gone to be unable to resist what's being told will happen.

  5. A perfect mix of seductive words murmured in the ear as soft fingers stroke the body into the next feminizing orgasm.

    The combination of mental suggestion and physical pleasure is a swoon worthy molding trap that makes this Caption resonate for me as a fount of desirably erotic and feminine pleasure.


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