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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Willing Spirit | Eager Surrender

The mind is willing, the flesh . . . .

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A little something different.  If people like it, I'll continue the story.

There was never a mind as open as Natalia’s.  No struggle, no resistance - only welcoming acceptance.  I could feel her spirit relinquishing control as I entered her body just as she sensed my initial hesitation.  

“Don’t hold back,” her thoughts beckoned to me.  “Do what you must - I am yours.”  The invitation was so seductive, so alluring.  It was why she was so good at this.  She knew just how to draw me in.  More and more of me took control of her body, making it my own as she surrendered her will.  Her thoughts, her personality, her very essence meshed with mine as I became Natalia.  I could feel her bliss radiating from her soul.  “This is right. . you as me.”

A personality like Natalia’s was dangerous to a body-hopper.  There was no pretense or fear from her.  She was something most rogue hoppers dreamed of: A willing mount.  It was one of the reasons we worked so well together.  But it was her own abilities that made our union so effective.  Natalia was a sorceress with shapeshifter abilities.  By herself, she was formidable against any rogue mystic being.  But with me in control, it strengthened both our abilities.  I could remake her, remold her and turn her into anyone I wished.   Natalia’s body was the perfect bait for a hopper, and we both had caught more rogues than any team in the Paranormal Division.  

As my soul settled within her body, I had to pause for a moment from the overwhelming sensations of her delectable form.  I cooed in Natalia’s voice as my breasts rose and fell.  The taut vibrancy of her skin glowed with youth and beauty.  My pussy was warm, moist - no doubt a combination of my own enjoyment and my partner’s anticipation.  “Aren’t we perfect together?  You in control, my body & mind yours to use?”  I shivered as her voice tingled in the back of my mind.  My beautiful mount could be distracting due to our unique relationship.

“You know I would give anything to you.” her sultry purr played out as whispering thoughts.  “I know how much you enjoy this.  I know you fight it, but you don’t have to try to hide your delight.  You are my master and your joy is my joy.”  Our danger was one of temptation, we were more than simply partners.  Natalia was my lover and submissive.  She trusted me implicitly because of our relationship and she saw no greater means to show it by giving me control of her body.  What way could you control someone more than to BE them?  What was more - what if you could make them someone else.

My skin rippled as I exerted my will over her powers.  My feminine skin darkened as golden tresses became inky black. “Yessss” she moaned.  “Use my power. . . reshape me as you see fit, beloved.”  Her excitement was addicting, radiating onto my own soul and sparking my own arousal.  I squirmed as my breasts became heavier, thicker.  The perp we were hunting had a predilection for curvaceous, dark girls.   I shaped my flesh with the thoughts of a dusky, Mediterranean beauty with all the bountiful voluptuousness that would tempt our target.  I could feel my rump swelling underneath me as I changed, becoming a different woman entirely.  

Once I was done, I stood up and walked to the vanity.  I used Natalia’s knowledge to paint my face, then selected a dress that would accent all of my new charms.  “You are such a natural now.  You could  become me and no one would know the difference...” she teased.  Indeed, it was becoming easier to do this.  I was so comfortable in my lovely Natalia’s skin that I spent days at a time as her.  She never demanded her body back, nor did she express any desire for me to leave.  For now, I would push those lingering thoughts of desire to the back.  

For now, I’m Natalia and I’m on the hunt.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

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