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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Double Bogey Babe" or "Playing For Position"

Something about this picture is both cute and slutty.  There's a hint at what she'll do later on after the 18th hole. . . more than likely introduce her partner to the 19th one in the bedroom!  No question it will be a hole in one.
Still, it fit Courtney's preferences perfectly - no nudity.  As Jennifer once pointed out, Courtney's preferences make people usually believe you can't be a little wicked.  It's not the case at all.  Anyone who has ever seen Courtney's stuff knows the little minx has a wonderful imagination.  She's taken some very vanilla pictures and made some steamy stories based around them.

I always picture Courtney as the cute girl who looks like she could be a sweet girl next door, but more than likely has been around the block more than you know.  She would ideally make a sexy version of one of the girls from the movie "Sucker Punch" (which disappointed me by the way.  Still, the visuals and the sexy doll-like actresses were at least nice to look at. . . sigh) - sweet, demure and petite and completely desirable.  This is often the image i want to capture when I do captions for her and this one was no different. 
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