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Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Living Doll" or "Secret Game Between Sisters"

We all have our Masters & Mistresses in life.  They can be people, sometimes even things.  Some can use the whip and fear to get what they desire, but some of the most effective can use a guiding hand and soothing words like honey to catch their flies. I prefer to use a bit of both because I think all good Masters and Mistresses should be feared as well as adored.  However, in the case of the girls I love to make, even my powers pale in comparison to the ultimate Mistresses of the world:  Mothers and Sisters.

Mothers and Sisters are often the ones who shape your image of what a woman should and could be.  Most men want a woman like mom, well the perfect sissy might want to BE just like mom instead.  And some sisters never know that all those fights with their brother growing up wasn't because he was jerk; it was because he was jealous because dear sister gets to wear make-up, pretty dresses, play with dolls and date hunky guys.  So it's not surprising that so many little aspiring girls often wish mommy would applied some lipstick to them after they finished with it or their sister let them have a make over at the slumber party.  Their looming shadows cause not only dominate the landscape, they also hold the most powerful weapon a mistress has: guilt. 

Regardless, it can lead to a happy ending if the fantasy is done right.  In the case of Steffimarie, I had to pay her back for the wonderful exclusive caption she gave me earlier.  A look at her blog can give a little incite on what type of dream she has, and I tried my best to try to recreate it here.  Also, I just love a happy ending.  Perhaps I can do the same for you?  Who knows?  I Mistress knows best, no matter who she is in your life.

Take care, pets.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Special Guest Cap: Dementia

What Mistress doesn't love a little. . . restriction?  I've been in the mood for it, and I believe Dementia over at Rachel's Haven pushed the right buttons.  Normally I'm not so willing to be on the receiving end, but with such a delicious story and picture, how could I resist?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

"To Punish & Enslave" or "Double 0 No-No"

Revenge is always sweet, don't you think?  This little girl thought she could get away with stealing from me.  As you can see, things didn't work out the way she planned.  But I can't help but think in the back of her mind she is loving the punishment.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Crossing The Wrong Woman" or "The Fuckdoll Wore Fuck-Me Pumps"

Just because I love making boys into girls doesn't mean the process shouldn't feel good.  I think it should usually feel like the best experience in the world.  Being born again thru lust and pleasure. . . . now that's the way to live.  In the case of Nadine, she decided to make me upset.  I still allowed her to feel the untold pleasures of femininity.  When I'm done with her, she's going to feel a lot more pleasure. 

Monday, July 19, 2010

[EXCLUSIVE] "Lipstick Dominion" or "What It's Like For A Girl"

Some girls were just made to rule.  I always felt that way.  The only thing that seemed to dominate me was my need to look my best. I love the feeling of a new dress, the touch of make-up on my skin, and the push of heels as walk around the room.  Narcissism at it's finest, femininity at the forefront.  It's the only way to live.

Friday, July 16, 2010

"Cult of true womanhood" or "Personal Preference"

When I train my girls, I usually do it for fun.  However, many times I make them to order.  In the case of Mei here, she's been trained for quite a while to appear to be the perfect woman.  She's going to make her new master happy as she will always be perfect in public. . . in private she will also show her perfection in different ways.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Special Guest Cap: Steffimarie

Steffimarie over at Steffimariechen's Forced Femme/TG Captions always makes such yummy caps!  She recently joined Rachel's Haven and she's been a welcome addition to the list.  As a little welcome, she made an exclusive caption for me!  I'll have to thank her some kind of way. . . perhaps with her own set of breasts and a sexy pair of legs?  Oh decisions, decisions.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Share the Wealth" or "The New Trophy Wife"

Some girls want to be made. . . . others require a little trickery.  A little something in the drink and poof! Instant hottie.  She's going to be a sexy new wife for her future husband.  Powerful men need the proper kind of woman in their life after all.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

"What Happens In Vegas" or "Blonde Bombshell Ambition"


I can't say I'm huge on them, but they serve a purpose.  The right blonde can stop traffic, and in this case, Sammie will be doing just that in this sexy new body.  I just hope she can forgive me for not making her a red-head.

"I Forgot Tell You" or "Wearing His Heart"

It's hard for me to say which I enjoy most, sweet captions with happy endings or sexy captions where my subject is changed into the perfect submissive.  Both has a draw to me, so it's not suprizing that I enjoy doing both types of caps along with a little of everything in between.

I made this for Amanda McCree over at Rachel's Haven.
This one I did with the idea of a cute fairy tale.  Not my usual visual but I love the final product.  Sexy with a sweet sentiment behind it.

"Hostile Takeover" or "Employee Swap"

What You Seek

Rachel's Haven

Rachel's Haven is where I began my captions.  It's only right that I post some of my work from there as a start.  These are some of the more recent trade captions I've posted, so by all means enjoy.

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