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Friday, January 31, 2014

Order Of The Blood Rose | The Blood Queen

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“M’lady they are coming!  You must hide!”  Lady Mary did not hesitate when her handmaiden burst into the parlor; she had been expecting the order to come. The group’s persistent attempts to abduct her had made the Silverberg family careful.  Wordlessly young Mary followed her maid to the hidden chamber they had created if the Order Of The Blood Rose grew bold and tried to attack the estate.  While the men prepared for a breach, Mary locked herself in the chamber.

As the young lady waited in dim candlelight, the sound of whispers echoed within her mind.

“She has come,” the icy voices chanted. “She is here.  The vessel to this world.”  Mary shivered at the sound of the voices, yet crept towards their direction.  In the second chamber, it waited on the bed: A single pendant with a red rose.  “Come closer, child.  Embrace your destiny.”  The desire for preservation urged her to leave, but a greater power drew her closer to the bed.  Mary’s hands and feet moved of their own accord, ignoring her own thoughts as she felt the sleek black ribbon between her fingers.  As soon as she touched it, much of her anxiety faded.  She tilted her head and admired the pendant as the rose emitted an erie crimson glow.   She sighed as her appreciation for the charm grew until an overwhelming urge tied it around her pale neck.

The cool touch of the silver drew a moan from Mary’s lips, her body suddenly doused with a dark sensation.  Whispers filled her ears and stroked parts of Mary’s ego while magic rippled under the skin.  Flesh turned cool to touch while the demonic fires corrupted Mary’s thoughts.  Flesh became more shapely and curvaceous, hips more pronounced.  Clear nails turned to inky black talons while her pink lips turned crimson.  As her mouth turned enticingly soft, her bosom stretched her bodice to it’s limits.   The new woman who was overtaking Mary was making a new home for her wicked spirit; a body more suitable to carry out her twisted deeds.

Meanwhile the followers waited patiently outside the chamber, waiting to see if the prophecy would come true.  They eagerly watched the wall until it slid back to reveal a mysterious lady dressed in red.  She slide her hood back and they all fell to their knees.  Their Blood Queen was reborn; the succubus Victoria would lead them into the age of the Rose. 

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  1. And now with the power of the amulet nothing will stop her! Very sexy.


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