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Sunday, November 24, 2013

"Wicked Game" or "Helpless Against Love" [Explicit]

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I belong to her now.  There is no denying it.  This is the price I pay to be at her side.  I knew my love was hopeless, but the heart cannot deny it’s feelings. Of course, she knew this about me.  She may not like men, but she’s not above pulling their strings.  She says she liked me before.  She told me I was different.  It was why she wove the spells around my reality.  Little by little, she plucked at the threads of fate that made up the tapestry of my life, changing them as it suited her.  I would wake up a bit shorter or perhaps with softer skin.  None of my friends or family noticed the changes - no one but her.  She would smile and stroke my supple skin and remark on how sensual it was.  When my hair went from chestnut to gold, she curled a few strands around her finger and told me she liked it this way.  

She wrapped me within this soft, feminine flesh layer by layer, shifting reality around me until the details were to her liking.  My studio loft became a beach house I shared with her.  My suits and cotton boxers turned into dresses and silk panties.  Memories of work faded behind a curtain of hazy fog in my mind.  Every time I thought of leaving, she would gaze into my eyes until I simply melted into her embrace.  

She overwhelms my will with sensual passion, teaching me how to please her.  Her touch tempts me into sapphic delights and every time she looks at me I swoon.  The thoughts of leaving are gone now and I find myself missing her whenever she leaves for any length of time.  The soft scents that she uses on her body have become an aphrodisiac to me and I feel my loins stirring every time I smell her.  Now that she has me enraptured with her, she hides nothing.  She tells me again and again the tale of how she ensnared me as her lover.  Each retelling seems to draw me deeper and deeper into her web.  She’s turned my love for her into a trap and robbed me of my old life, yet I cannot muster up any anger against her.  I can only worship her and cherish each moment we spend together.  By bonding me to her as a woman, she has freed me and given me new life.  I am her Helena now and forever.  I live this feminine life because she wishes it . . . and because I desire nothing else.


  1. Who wouldn't desire a Feminine life? Marvellous caption, Mistress.

  2. I like it, if only the same could happen to me.


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