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Friday, September 30, 2011

Haven Quarterly E-Zine Issue 2 Coming!

The girls over at Rachel's Haven have once again been busy with the making the Haven Quarterly E-zine.  If you're a fan of TG fiction and captions, than this is another chance to see a collection of beautiful exclusive work done by some great creators.  There's over 70 pages of stories, comics and caption made by people like Smitty, Alectra, Jennifer, Caitlyn, Candy, Kayla and a host of others.  There's even a serial story and two exclusive captions by yours truly inside.  I don't plan to ever post the captions I donate to the e-zine on my blog so you'll just have to get them from the Haven Quarterly.

How you ask?  There are several ways to do this.  One is to donate to the haven's upkeep fund (click here for details).  Another way is to make a caption for either the Caption Challenge 6 or participate in Nadine's 2-for-1 caption exchange.  If you're already part of the haven, it's worth it to give something back.  If you aren't, than it's a wonderful incentive to see all to fantastic caption work coming.  This issue of the Haven E-Zine will be available October 3, so I hope you'll be getting YOUR copy!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

[Classic Caption] "No Boys In The Room" or "Sharing Birthday Cake"

What do YOU eat in the bed?  Or is it WHO do you eat?

-Originally Posted to Rachel's Haven June 2008.

Another early caption, something I would love to find the original images and remix it.  It's a sweet story made sexy by the source images.   Anyone else waiting to get this present for their birthday?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

[Ask The Goddess] Quality vs. Popularity


Which would make you happier to create? A cap that you don't think is very good, but is VERY well received, or a cap that you think is great, but receives no comments whatsoever?

I work hard to be this good!

This is a difficult question for me because I'm always aware of the audience.  I first and foremost write for myself - If I don't truly like it or see potential, then I won't post caption.  I have a folder of "B-sides and draft caps" that no one has ever seen because I wasn't pleased with the outcome.  Still, there is a huge motivation within me to try to make the perfect caption or write the perfect story.  When I make a caption for someone, I want to wow them and leave them excited.  If I didn't I feel like I didn't do a good enough job, than I want to try again. 

That all said, I always set out to make good captions that are well-received.  Many times I've scratched my head at the responses captions have gotten.  Some I've made and thought were only OK have been wildly popular while others I've personally loved with all my heart have gone all but unnoticed.  I can't control it and if I could I would bottle it and use it as a writer or artist!  I suppose if I had to choose, I would perfer to make a popular caption because I already know I can't control the response.  If I go out and make the best caption possible, than I should be happy with whatever response I get.  Because ultimately, I want to involve some kind of response, even if it's not the one I wanted or expected.

On a side note, I had a second question on formspring to answer, but I accidentally erased it.  I would love to see what it was so if you've recently sent me a question or you just want to add another one to it, than please go ahead and ask me anything.  Until next time dolls.  


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

[Classic Caption] New Rules Of Racing: My first caption

Originally posted on Rachel's Haven on May 2008

This is the first caption I ever created.  When I first made this, I had been on Rachel's Haven for all of a week and I decided to dip my toes into writing captions.  I had seen them for years all over the internet at this time, but they were scattered in so many places.  I had contributed stories to Fictionmania but nothing beyond that.

Looking back on this, I'm pleased with what I wrote, but I had no concept of design.  I large block of space, some text and a picture was pretty much all I knew (Notice it doesn't even have a double name).  At the time I was still exploring the idea of admitting that I had this kink so the Simone that runs this blog wasn't fully developed.  Over 250 captions later I feel I've grown.  Still, I can appreciate what this caption does do right.  I originally wanted to remix this caption before posting it and I still might just for fun.  How do you think I've done in the years since making this caption? 

Until next time, dolls.

Monday, September 26, 2011

"Party Favor!" or "Taking Care Of The Boys"

Posted at Rachel's Haven for Sissytiff September 2011

This poor girl forgot that you can't trust your friends when you are messing with magic spells.  But in the end they had to pay as well. . . in this case with their wallets.  I think she's the winner in every way.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

[Classic Caption]"The Last Father's Day" or "A Prayer Answered"

Originally posted to Rachel's Haven on June 2008

 I think of all the captions I've ever written, I'm proudest of this one.  I will tell you now that if you are looking for something with a most sexual nature, this caption won't be it.  I really wanted to write something that captured sacrifice and unconditional love in it's purest form.  It was made for the June 2008 caption contest (the theme was Father's Day).  I haven't been at the haven longer than a month and this was the first time I actually entered a contest.  I was very new to captioning and looking at it now, I can see visual mistakes I wouldn't make now.  Regardless, the story was what I was truly going for so I that was my focus. 

This turned out to be the winner of that month and I was very surprised at the response it received.  While I have rarely used the pregnancy trope in a caption, I do understand the allure of it.  There is perhaps no other action that embodies femininity than giving life. To feel a life growing inside you and becoming bonding with that child is something I I believe holds one of the highest honors in our society.  Usually when I use it, I try to take great care with it in captions.  Still, there is a sensual allure to feeling the weight of a pregnant body as well.

I hope you enjoyed this sentimental look at captioning.  Until next time, doll.s

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ask The Goddess - Pets Care & Buns in The Oven

The good ones get to go for walks
1)Forgive me for asking, but do you punish your pets, Goddess?
This question comes up in form form or another at least once a week.  I think the answer to that question is obvious if you read my captions and follow this blog.  However, you'll have to ask them yourself . . . if you do happen to find one to question, see how much they like it . . .


2)Your pregnant cap, "The Journey" is fantastic! Any chance of seeing more preg caps? 

I've done a few pregnant captions in my time, but I can't say that trope is one I use a lot.  I don't mind it but there are others I like more.  When used properly, it's very sexy.  I CAN say that I do have a pregnancy caption to do for someone at the Haven so it will be along down the pipeline.  I will also post my older caption I made for an older caption contest that involved the pregnancy theme.  Look for both captions very soon.

Until next time, dolls. Remember, you can use Formspring to ask me a question or you can send it via email to sometimessimone@yahoo.com

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Performance Review" or "Promotion To Reality"

Petra over at the haven was one of the girls I always highly admired.  I remember her coming to the Haven years ago and shocking everyone with a knack for doing captions.  I eventually made one for her, but it's been a LONG time sense I've made one for her.  I decided that had to change.  So I poured this little beauty out.  Little miss Petra has a bit of an oral fixation.  Combined with her desire to be a lovely little redhead I knew this picture was perfect.  The theme of this story was "YOU WANTED THIS."  I wanted it to be clear that no matter how much she tried to hide it, this was her true self and that she would be ultimately happier as a little cum dump instead of pretending to be a boy.  Do any of you want to stop pretending?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

"A Simple (Failed) Plan" or "Lipstick On A Pig"

So maybe I do have a sense of humor!  Something just to be a bit silly for Ashleigh.  This went through about four revisions before this one and that's saying something considering that it's not a long caption. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

"Mirror Image" or Voices After Midnight"

Made for Victoria.  I really enjoyed doing this caption.  I there are a lot of visual tricks that went into it as well as the story. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

"All In The Family" or "Finding Salvation"

Made for Sammy, one of the new girls at the Haven. She enjoys being made into a submissive little thing and I found this picture to be highly erotic. I tried to feed off the energy of the image.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Breaking The Mold" or "A Future On Her Knees"

This little gem was made for Alectra.  Sometimes a little punishment goes a long way in getting your point across.  I was feeling very wicked and this is what came out.

 On another note, the August Caption Contest@ Rachel's Haven is over and I won.  For those of you who voted for me, thank you so much!  For those of you who voted and viewed the wonderful work done by so many, thanks even more because it was one of the more active contests in recent memory.  There were some great captions made for the contest and I'm glad it inspired so much (HERE and HERE are some of my personal favorites).  What also made me happy is that Victoria Hyde(The Codex Of Corruption) came in second(however she's the one girl I would have no problem with losing to!).  If you haven't seen them, I urge you to check out the work at the Haven.  If you aren't a member, I urge you to join the community and see what the September contest brings up (It also doesn't hurt that everyone is super nice there!)

 Another little tidbit of info is that I've made a little poll in the upper right hand corner of the blog.  I want to know what type of captions you all like in terms of length.  Remember, feedback is the only currency we caption-makers get so it's important to let us know what you like.  I do take it into consideration when I sit down to make captions.

Until next time, dolls.

for more feedback you can always email me at sometimessimone@yahoo.com

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"The Least You Could Do" or "Not Your Turn"

Show your Mistress you appreciate all the hard work she does.  She spends a lot of time making sure your make up is perfect, your clothing is acceptable and that you know how your place in the world.  If she didn't get her chance to take care of her needs, than it's your duty as a pet to do as much as you can to take care of her.  Learn to have her clothes ready for work (because let's face it, you aren't the bread-winner anymore!) , learn to anticipate what she will need.  Cook her favorite meal and have a glass of wine waiting for her and she'll be smiling at you when she comes through the door.

Until next time, dolls.

Monday, September 5, 2011

"You've Come A Long Way, Baby!" or "Smoking Idea"

This was made for Victoria Hyde, whom i like to call my dark daughter.  I would suggest you check out her blog if you enjoy captions with similar interests to mine.  I quite enjoy her work.

Friday, September 2, 2011

[EXCLUSIVE CAPTION] "The Doll Maker" or "Playing Dress Up"

This is a little something different, dolls.  For those of you who would rather be a pretty toy with no control.  The image was too good to pass up on that type of story.  However, I wish I had used a different design for the overall caption.  I made this frame long ago and set it aside for when I felt like writing it.  If I still had the source image I could remix this caption.  Still, I hope you enjoy it.  Until next time.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Last Night A DJ Saved My Life" or "Music Changes The World"

This was made for Sammie over at the haven.  This is one of her muses and I have to say I can see why she wants this delicious body.  Perhaps the music will touch you too.
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