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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"It's Just Business" or "A Match Made In. . . ."

I love happy accidents and this caption was a perfect example.  I made it for Dee @ Dee-lusions of Grandeur because when I saw the picture, I immediately thought she would enjoy it.  I had no intention of making this caption because I was originally working on another one.  But this was a case when the picture sparked an idea; being the Dee tends to like more "meta" captions.  This one seemed not to need much explanation as the picture was completely interesting on it's own. Also, I love being able to blend humor with wickedness.

Monday, May 2, 2011

[EXCLUSIVE CAPTION] "Getting Noticed" or "Now That I Have Your Attention. . ."

How can you ignore all of this??
I haven't been quite as active of late, but I shall do my best to keep things updated with content as time permits.  Still, I found enough inspiration to make this little caption so I am sharing it with you all now.

The image if of one of my favorite muses, Vikki Blows.  She's one of my ideal images in terms of a "cool girl" type with a wicked streak.  She has sex oozing from her pores, so you can see why I would want to have a body and look like hers.
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