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Saturday, November 9, 2013

"Who I Choose To Be" or "Undeniable"

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You can't deny the heart.

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It would be foolish to deny the truth.  I love the silk caress of a pair of stockings sliding up my legs.  The weight of my breasts being cradled by a delicate bra.  Panties snuggly fitting around my waist and hiding the truth from view.  These are just a few of the things that make me swoon when I look in the mirror.  The truth is I adore feminine beauty and I strive to embody it in every way possible.  That’s why I used hormones to give my body girlish curves.  That’s why I wear my hair long and take so much pride in it’s care.  It’s why I learned the art of makeup to disguise those features that might give away what I wish to keep hidden.  It’s why I prefer dresses over pants and heels over flats.  

Of course there are other types of women and I adore their beauty as well.  But this is the woman I CHOOSE to become.  I tried to deny what I am but the allure was too strong.  My mother’s perfume smelled too sweet and I had to try it on when I was little.  In fact, it was my strong resemblance and her overpowering femininity that drew me to this in the first place.  I have her same soft doe eyes and I bat them at men to get what I want.  Her blush-pink lips have made me a great kisser.  That soft skin that was so wonderful to snuggle is mine to cherish.  I inherited beauty and I refuse to waste it.  

I love being pretty and I won’t run away from just because I wasn’t born a woman.  I choose to be the woman that was always in my heart. 


  1. Hi Simone,
    Great caption
    it's like a pledge that we should say to our self each time we put on our pantiesI just swoon to the feel of my legs sliding into some stockings, love that feeling of a tight pair of panties
    And the snug feeling of a pretty bra.
    would love to try hormones to soften this mess of a body I have
    Keep up the great posts

    1. Very glad you liked it. It should be your choice and your enjoyment to be the girl you wish to be. Thank you for commenting!

  2. Enjoyable caption.
    It's a great reminder of what you like as the girl you are, however that happens to be which probably different for me being a 'babygirl' than say most of your readers although chunks sure do apply.

  3. This cap is lovely, sweet, and moving. Just like you Simone!

  4. Reading this caption made me think of that song "these are a few of my favorite things". What a fabulous list it would be: sheer silky stockings, lace panties, seductive perfume, smokey eyes... Just thinking about each of these things fills me with joy!

    1. I'm glad this caption has you singing, Elise. I also hope the one I made you does the same thing!

  5. I echo Elise's sentiment about the song.

    What a powerful, uplifting and strong caption!


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