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Visual exploration of fantasies in gender-fluidity, femininity, glamour,transformation, illusion, cross-dressing, dominance and submission. Images posted here are NSFW and are the properties of the respective owners.

Ask The Goddess FAQ

There are questions that seem to come up all the time in either comments or emails.  I've decided to answer them once and for newcomers and return visitors.  Once they appear here, they won't be answered again.  Let's begin shall we?

"Will you be my mistress/make me your sissy/slut/pet/femininze me?"

This is easily the most frequently asked question I get in some form or another.  This one is easy to answer for a number of reasons:

-What have you done to warrant me making you my pet?
-I'm extemely picky even if I had time, so see above.
-It's not possible

If you TRULY want a mistress (live or online) then I suggest you do an online search and begin there. 

"Are you woman?"

This is my fantasy.  If femininity was my reality, then I doubt I would be maintaining a blog filled with femininzation captions.  I hope that answers that question.

"Would you be willing to chat/role-play with me?"

This would be the second most asked question and not far behind the first.  

There are some followers who have reached out to me via my preferred chat client, and some of been VERY nice.  I don't have an issue with that.  If you choose to reach out, please respect that A) my time is limited and B) The more respectful you are, the more of a chance I'll be willing to talk with you. Role Play itself it very rare for me these days so I don't see it as an option.

"Do you take requests/will you make a cap about (insert subject/trope here)?"

While it has happened before, I will very rarely take outright requests, especially unsolicited.  For one thing, I'm already making captions with themes that appeal to me.  I'm glad that you feel I could breathe some color into your fantasy but my suggestion is that you should make your own captions and create the kind YOU want to see.  After all, no one knows your fantasy better than you. 

"Can you tell me who the where did you get the image in a particular cap?  Can you tell me who the model is in an particular cap?"

If you really like a picture and want to know who it is in it, then simply cut the picture out and drop it in an image search engine.  Many times I don't know who the model is.  I usually picked the image because I found it interesting and/or it matched up with the preferences I was working with. 


  1. It would be nice to read your very clever captions, but I can not get big enough to read. too bad, and a bit sad.

  2. You have to view the whole post to get to the caption! the first image is always a preview.

  3. Do you know who the models are in "The Beauty Of Service" caption, or where the pic came from? I'd really like to try to track down more pics of the models but don't know where to start. Thanks and keep up the great work! :)

    1. I honestly have no idea where it comes from or who's in it. I would suggest you cut the image out and use an image site to match it.

  4. Do you exchange links? I have a Caption Blog myself. I'd love to add yours if you add mine.



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