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Visual exploration of fantasies in gender-fluidity, femininity, glamour,transformation, illusion, cross-dressing, dominance and submission. Images posted here are NSFW and are the properties of the respective owners.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

All Good Things?

It seems that my little corner of the internet has had some light shed on it.

I was sent an email from one of the original owners of a image used in a caption here.   I promptly removed as the email requested.  Scrolling down to the bottom of this blog shows that I am more than willing to remove images if owners say so.

However, this bring me to a crossroads.  This blog has been a bit of escapism for me and if it's going to be an issue then I don't now know if I can maintain it.  I would rather stop now than let it become an issue. 

At the moment, I won't be posting any new content, at least no new captions.  Perhaps I will find another format to choose that won't fall into such a grey area - text stories perhaps.  When I make a dicision on what that will be, I will make an update. 
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