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Saturday, December 4, 2010

[Exclusive] "Anniversary Barbie" or "The Gift You Didn't Expect"

"Waiting for her Ken. . ."

Perhaps you next another push down the road?  Wouldn't be lovely if a loved one gave you that one thing you've REALLY wanted?  Slide into your favorite dress and get ready for a lovely night you'll never forget, darlings.  This little bit was inspired by the desires of one of my playthings.  Never let it be said I don't know how to play nice with my toys. . . .I just prefer not to!  

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

[Exclusive] "Fashionista" or "Don't Hate On These Skills!!"

"You WISH you looked this good!"
Hello, dolls, it's time once again for a little update.  I'm getting as many as I can in while I have the time, and this one is especially for Mei over at Bubblepop's Electric Thoughts.  Mei is always ready to show off her ladyboy good looks and it's no surprise that she can get catty.  But if you have the body, let it all hang out!

More to come soon, I have a few updates this week to make so stay tuned.

Monday, November 29, 2010

[Guest Caption] - Attention!!!

Well, my little dolls, it looks like some of you little minxes just don't listen when The Mistress speaks!  Well, this little caption done by Candy over at the Haven makes sure people know what happen to naughty little girls who don't know how to behave.  I run a strict classroom and I don't hesitate to dish out the proper punishment!

More to come soon!

"Expose" or "Killing Two Birds"

"Now be nice!  You got his cock all hard; the least you can do is take care of it for him!!"

Hello all my darlings.  I've been once again up to my old tricks and this time the lovely little Candy was the victim.  She's already learning how to make money on her back!  But I suppose when you are out to shed some light on something then you are bound to leave yourself exposed.  Fortunately, I think this could be thing that's happened to little Jeff!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Stalked By Desires" or "Please Don't Follow Me!!!"

"Leave us alone!  We are happy now!"
The sexy Dalene was saved from a wicked boyfriend who thought he could turn his old pal Dylan into his personal toy.  But was it the best thing for her?

I also want to thank those who are continuing to comment.  It's nice to see feedback. 

Friday, November 26, 2010

[Exclusive] "I Promise" or "My Art Project"

"This is the last time I SWEAR!!"

Hello, dolls!  Once again it's time for an exclusive.  Just a little view of my hobby.  I try to resist the urges, but everytime I see a nice boy with a slim build and a cute face. . . . sigh.  It keep telling myself this time it will be different. . . . in some ways it always it. .  . . but do you REALLY think i should stop?

"New Addiction" or "Just A Taste Of Courtney"

"Bet you can't eat just one!"

Don't you have something you just can't get enough of?  It's hard to not get addicted to things we love, and that's the case with Courtney here, the wonderful little girl from the Haven. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

"All The Right Decicisons" or "Waiting to Exhale"

What would be the best decision for you?  Would you need to be a wild girl ready to throw her inhibitions to the side? A sweet little girl who does no wrong?  Or perhaps you need a strong hand to guide you and make the hard choices for you?

As always, thanks to those who make comments.  More to come!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Jennifer! Now Bend Over!

"Favorite Customer" or "The Street-stalker"  

"The Perfect Gift" or "The Gift That Keeps On Cumming"
Hello, darlings.
Jennifer from Jennifer's TG Caps of Defiance makes some wonderfully devious captions.  Because it was her birthday, I decided to give her something special - I'm sure she will enjoy her gifts.  After all, every girl wants new jewelry and a man to make their lives better, right?

[Exclusive Caption] "Gifts Of The Goddess" or "This Will Do"

A little personal indulgence here with the new Exclusive Caption, darlings.  There's a price you must pay, but sometimes it's worth it!

Thanks again for all the comments, it makes me want to do more.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"The First Of Many" or "Project Blackout"

Back again with another series.  This one was part of a collection of captions that turned into something of a series over at Rachel's.  The entire series was rather epic and it involved several caption makers who do some wonderfully wicked tales.

Monday, November 15, 2010

"The Bambi Package" or "An Excellent Sale's Pitch"

"This is only the floor model.  Yours will come with a lifetime guarantee"
Hello darlings.
I know I've been away, but I assure it was temporary.  I'm currently working on some new content for you to enjoy, but I still have plenty of back catalog display.  If you'll give me a moment, I'll show you some.  This little bit was for someone as a welcome to the haven a few months back.  I think some of you might want your own package deal like this one.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

"The First Night" or "Hey Pretty"

Remember this lovely caption I got a little while ago?  Well, this is is my return caption for it.  I wanted to create the perfect dream here, the edges blurring between the fantasy and the temptation of more to come.  Isn't that the ultimate experience?  Wanting the dream, but still letting feel like it's not real?  If only it were so simple . . .

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Contest Captions @ Rachel's Haven

Rachel's Haven has monthly contest, and last month I entered these two.  The topic was group images, so you can see why I used these pictures.

To The Victor

Hello, lovelies.  I know I've been going, but I'm back now with some more lovely work to share.  I hope you'll enjoy this one.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

"You Know I Want It" or "I Hope You're Proud of What You Did"

"You're An Ass.  Now Stick It In Mine"
Smitty @ The Haven has made me some wonderful captions of late.  I started sending back some returns, but this particular one stuck out. . . for more reasons than one.

How would feel if you loved something you hated?  To love something that someone has done to you even if you know it's wrong.  To love that nasty feeling of being used, but knowing it makes you more and more a slut?  It's going to be a dark, long road and you may never return. .  . . but do you want to?

The Salem Series Of Captions

So I  made this little series of captions staring Salem over at Rachel's Haven.  The last two are supposed to be apart of a continuing series where she eventually becomes the perfect little pet, trained in every way needed to please.  I think she's well on her way to realizing her potential, don't you?

"Smokin' Hot" or "Sexy General's Warning"

I didn't listen to the Surgeon General. . ."

Something I made for fun for Dee over at Rachel's haven.  I have always loved her humor so this is just part of what i hoped would be funny for her.  Also LOVE this picture!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Subject: LYN-DEE Series

Weapon Sex Project???
"Fighting The Urges"

A little while ago I made these from picture Lyndee showed me.  I created a mini-series called Subject: LYN-DEE from them.  I posted them on Rachel's Haven for her, but I decided to Remix them and post them here for your enjoyment.  I hope you like!

[EXCLUSIVE] "Embracing The Fantasy" or "I think It's My turn Now"

"Ok, honey.  It's my turn to wear the panties in this house"

So how would it be to walk a mile in the heels of your beloved creator?  Would you let them rule you and guide you as a benevolent ruler?  Or would you rise up and take power for yourself?  I think it's safe to say what my answer is.

This would be "Nice Sasha" personality, an element of my dominant side.  Playful at first, but definitely ready to get wicked if needed.  Nothing's wrong will looking cute while striking fear into your new underlings!  The potential of dominance is there, but not so overwhelming that it will scare off new pets.  But how lovely it will be when they finally see what's behind the cotton candy veil.

"Wait till they get a load of me."

Ciao, Darlings!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Whatever It Takes" or "Always Leave a Big Tip"

Here's a nice little series I worked on for JPL over at Rachel's Haven.  I love a sexy and steamy story and our new waitress is all of that.  I'm sure she's always going to earn a big tip.

Special thanks to Mei, Lucus and Deseriee for leaving comments recently.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Double Crossed/Double Teamed" or "Tennis Anyone?"

Lost In a Sea of Seduction

JPL over at Rachel's Haven has made me some very interesting captions.  This was one of my returns for the lovely thoughts.

"No Way To Hide" or "Powerless to Change"

Lyndee over at Rachel's Haven is a marvelous girl.  And from what I've done to her, she's also a sexy one.  How would it feel to be a walking wet dream?  Would you love every moment of it?  Being desired, objectified, longed for?

Monday, August 16, 2010

[Classic Cap] "Seduction by Sasha" or "Led by the Collar"

Another Classic Cap I did at Rachel's Haven.  This one is for Jennifer @ Jennifer's TG Caps of Defiance

This idea came about after a very steamy role-play session.  At my most dominant, I have a persona known as Sasha.  She loves to dominate and control sexy little girls.  She also loves to break them and train them for their new lives as submissive little sluts.  Many of my ideas come from good role-plays or discussions I have with others.  This is one of the better ideas to come from them.

Remember, darlings, keep the comments coming.  Who doesn't love a little feedback every now and then?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

[Special Guest Cap]: moogly - "Suprise Makeover"

Hello Darlings!

I haven't put up a guest caption in a while, but this delicious story was given to me by greatgooglymoogly Over at Rachel's Haven. This one is so seductive with it's light femdom overtones.  The two most important women in Mark's life decide he needs a walk on the feminine side.  I think they did too good a job making him over!  I doubt we will ever see Mark again.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

" "Tempted To Touch" or "He's Going To Have To Share"

I admit, I have a small thing for redheads and brunettes.  And by small, I mean huge.  So I decided to make my own personal redhead cutie, Sammie.  I think she came out wonderful.  I didn't plan on keeping her, but as you can see, she came out so nice that i had to test her. . . it seems she's better than expected.

Friday, August 13, 2010

[EXCLUSIVE] "Don't Ever Give Up!!!" or "Where There's A Pussy, There's A Way"

"I can explain!! It's . . . well, it's EXACTLY what it looks like. . ."

Hello Darlings,

I've brought in another Exclusive for the weekend.  In the case here, many girls think that once they lose their manhood that some parts of their life are over.  That doesn't have to be the case.  Just as the title says, don't give up if you have a goal. . . you might find out you like things better this way!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Trophy Husband" or "Entertainment Tonight" or "Big Titted Hubby"

I admit I adore having a little lovely around to keep the nights interesting.  They have multiple uses, as Christina here shows.  I really loved writing about this sexy girl.  I hope you enjoy reading about it.
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