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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ask The Goddess: In Response To . . . Part One

I've had a lot of interesting questions. . . including one dealing with matrimonial matters.  So many questions entered my mailbox that I had to break them down into two parts.  Part one is today, Part two with be later this week.. . . Let's begin, shall we?

In response to your Gamers question, why don't you have one of your dolls pay again for your account?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

[Ask The Goddess] Gamers Girlz

"You still think you can beat me?"

I just had to post this one right away.  It was too precious.

"Do you play on Xbox Live?" If so, what is your Gamertag?"

Ask the Goddess [Formspring] - Hypnotic

More wonderful questions for you!

do you like the hypnosis for sissy behavior modification that are all over the wb?


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ask The Goddess [Formspring] - Cartoon Hotness

More Formspring goodness. A few questions popped up so I decided to answer them.

if you could be any cartoon hottie in real life who would it be?

ooooh!  me a pretty girlie?  oh who do I choose?

Monday, April 30, 2012

Ask The Goddess - What Would YOU Change Into?

Who do I want to Be Today?
If you could have someone get their hands on YOU, and change you into anything, what would you desire?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ask The Goddess - Question Catch Up

In my time away from making captions, formspring has piled up a bit; for better or worse.  I really enjoy answering questions, but sometimes there are some who don’t seem to know how best to use it.  You’ll see what I mean below:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

[Ask The Goddess] Pick Your Favorite (A Formspring Question)


from Dee: Which caption that I've done for you would you consider your favorite and why?

For those of you who don't know, this was sent to me by Dee @ 'Dee'-lusions of  Grandeur.  I consider her a close friend and over the years she has made me an extensive list of captions.   She was there when I first found the Haven and we had a lot of engrossing conversations in those early days.  I had to go back and review all the captions she's done for me to remember everything and in the end decided to pick two that stuck out with one honorable mention (Also, I just want to showcase some awesome work she's done for me!).


"Sasha's the same old Mark ... well sorta!"

This one is pretty straightforward: I love dominance and control and this hits all those buttons for me.  As "Sasha" this is something I would do, turn others into sexy girls and make them sexy toys.  As you can see, everyone is happier in the end . . . and a whole lot sexier.  This was also a different kind of caption for me to get on the Haven - people continued to focus on more submissive captions and while I do enjoy them, I lean towards dominance (if that wasn't obvious enough).  It takes a very special caption for me to accept submission.  Speaking of which . . .
 "Harem Scarem"

This one might be THE favorite.  While it is a submissive caption, it embodies everything that's good about a "Dee" Caption:  Humor and tight-yet-direct-writing.  The pictures are also some my favorites that Dee picked for me; the girl is just stunning and I LOVE sexy girls of color (my preference in girl depends on the mood I'm in, but Dee is one of the few who's captioned me as a black girl and I love her for it.).  The best part about the writing is that it's so good that it gets you hot and bothered while making you laugh out loud at the same time. 

"Chomping At The . . "

I've shown this caption before as a guest caption, but it's just so good it's worth a second time.  For one thing, I identify with both the mistress and the slave, which is an odd duality for me.  The picture speaks to my most wicked desires and the writing pushes this one WAY over the top. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

[Ask the Goddess] Passion For Fashion

1)I know you like Regal dresses and designer clothes but, Which kind of clothing do you favour the most? Also in which kind of clothing would you dress your pets? or maybe you would prefer to let them roam around naked? ^-^ (Posted by Alectra)

 If you can't tell by my captions; I have a love for designer fashion.  One of my favorite caption blogs is Samantha de Savoy's TGirl Captions - a blog that uses high quality fashion photos in almost every caption made.  If I was given a woman's form, I would want to look good - period.  Being that my weakness is a well-dressed woman it's pretty much a given I would want to be the same way if I were one!  
As for pets - they have to earn clothing!  If they are good, they get a collar and the really lucky ones get a pink thong and matching heels.  Anything else is is purely based on the situation. The only rule is no one is ever to outshine Mistress.

2)can i see more possession caps? (This question was posted in rapid succession 5 times in a row)
While I certainly love that anyone has an appreciation for my captions, The above method is NOT a good way to convince me to do something.  IF I FEEL UP to making a possession caption (or any caption for that matter), THEN I'll gladly make one.  That said, please be respectful when posing a question or you stand a good chance of being ignoredI love feedback and interacting with people, but I won't accept foolishness.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ask The Goddess - Ask First . . .

"I didn't tell you to borrow my dress, bitch . . . "
"Do you ask the people first before posting a "guest caption" or just figure that if it was made for you, it'd be fine to post?"

 If it was posted to my folder @ Rachel's Haven, I usually ask before posting.  However, I've jumped the gun once or twice.  If it's someone I know better or has given me permission, I might be inclined to forgo asking.   Anything submitted by email is fair game unless told otherwise.  However, I never have an issue with removing anything by someone who doesn't want their work posted here.  

The main reason I started doing guest caps is to highlight people whose work is excellent but otherwise didn't have their own blog to post it to.  However, with the explosion of personal TG blogs, it's rare that it's the case anymore.  I still try to use more caps from those who don't have blogs, but it's hard to do when something is so good it has to be shared!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

[Ask The Goddess] Quality vs. Popularity


Which would make you happier to create? A cap that you don't think is very good, but is VERY well received, or a cap that you think is great, but receives no comments whatsoever?

I work hard to be this good!

This is a difficult question for me because I'm always aware of the audience.  I first and foremost write for myself - If I don't truly like it or see potential, then I won't post caption.  I have a folder of "B-sides and draft caps" that no one has ever seen because I wasn't pleased with the outcome.  Still, there is a huge motivation within me to try to make the perfect caption or write the perfect story.  When I make a caption for someone, I want to wow them and leave them excited.  If I didn't I feel like I didn't do a good enough job, than I want to try again. 

That all said, I always set out to make good captions that are well-received.  Many times I've scratched my head at the responses captions have gotten.  Some I've made and thought were only OK have been wildly popular while others I've personally loved with all my heart have gone all but unnoticed.  I can't control it and if I could I would bottle it and use it as a writer or artist!  I suppose if I had to choose, I would perfer to make a popular caption because I already know I can't control the response.  If I go out and make the best caption possible, than I should be happy with whatever response I get.  Because ultimately, I want to involve some kind of response, even if it's not the one I wanted or expected.

On a side note, I had a second question on formspring to answer, but I accidentally erased it.  I would love to see what it was so if you've recently sent me a question or you just want to add another one to it, than please go ahead and ask me anything.  Until next time dolls.  


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ask The Goddess - Pets Care & Buns in The Oven

The good ones get to go for walks
1)Forgive me for asking, but do you punish your pets, Goddess?
This question comes up in form form or another at least once a week.  I think the answer to that question is obvious if you read my captions and follow this blog.  However, you'll have to ask them yourself . . . if you do happen to find one to question, see how much they like it . . .


2)Your pregnant cap, "The Journey" is fantastic! Any chance of seeing more preg caps? 

I've done a few pregnant captions in my time, but I can't say that trope is one I use a lot.  I don't mind it but there are others I like more.  When used properly, it's very sexy.  I CAN say that I do have a pregnancy caption to do for someone at the Haven so it will be along down the pipeline.  I will also post my older caption I made for an older caption contest that involved the pregnancy theme.  Look for both captions very soon.

Until next time, dolls. Remember, you can use Formspring to ask me a question or you can send it via email to sometimessimone@yahoo.com

Friday, August 19, 2011

Ask The Goddess - Humiliation

  1. What kind of girl do you think would be the most humiliating to turn someone into?

    I don't feel that being a girl is so much humiliating as the situation you could be put in as a girl. I feel a situation where you can't control yourself would be the most humiliating. A girl who a slave to her body, her base desires and sexual urges. Not being able to help yourself or being put in constant situations where there is no way to hide your body and what it wants. . . THAT is the only thing I can see as humiliating. Anything is else is either forced upon you or a product of your own invention.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ask The Goddess - Pleasure or Punishment

1.What is your preferred method of punishment? and your reward one?

Denying someone of what they want is the perfect punishment. If you want a spanking, then one shouldn't get one. Always give the opposite of what one wants.

The best reward is attention. Ultimately every pet wants to be attended to, so giving them the proper time is the best way to reward.

2.please my mistress turn me into your sexy blond slave.

Now you realize I decide what kind of pet/slave I make you? I might want you to be a petite Asian minx. I might on a whim decide I want you to be a buxom red-headed toy for my amusement. You have to trust that a mistress/master knows what's best for you. It maybe better for you to be something altogether. 

Until next time dolls.  Keep the questions coming.  New caption tomorrow. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ask The Goddess - What Would You Do???

Perhaps I need a beta reader for my captions, dolls.  Know of any good little pets willing to read over my caption work?  I really hate typos and I work hard to keep the quality high here, yet after the last post, I realize I'm going to just have to work harder!

Quality Control is a big part of what we do here.
Anyways, on with the questions.

My Mistress is convinced that my subconsious wishes to be involved in bisexual and cuckold games. And i dont think so. How do i convince Her ? Or should i at all ?

Any Dom/Sub relationship is one based on trust. Part of what a good Mistress/Master does is know when to push the envelope beyond the usual comfort zone. It's up to you to trust that she knows what is best for you.  It will ultimately depend on how you and your Mistress interact with each other and the trust you have. 
Of course, she might not be so willing to listen to reason . . .
hello goddess simone do you enjoy feminizeing men?

Mostly in caption form. I don't have time these days to maintain my stable of pets as I once did. You always have to make sure their stocking seams are stright and their dress hems are the right length. Then there is make-up and hair inspections. I DO NOT tolerate beards showing through the foundation!! Smooth and silky like a baby's ass is how I like my little trained toys. Then you have to make sure you have the right size cages for all your pets to live in, or the right kind of frilly room for them to sleep in so it re-enforces the proper girly image you want them to adopt. Lastly, there are the punishments for things done wrong. Some days it's a joy, other says you can TELL they want a spanking! There isn't enough time in the day!

He's going to be so cute when I'm done with him. . .
 That's it for now, dolls.  I have to admit, these are the kind of questions I like to answer!  Keep them coming to formspring, dolls.  I love hearing from you.
 Have an idea for a caption or want to submit one to be picked as a guest cap?  Comment on something here but don't want to post it to the comments?  Then send it to me and see if I select it . . .

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ask The Goddess - The Bunny or the Bimbo?

There's a blacklog of questions I need to get to, but for now, I'll pick a few and go thru them then do the rest later in the week.

1) Do you have a favourite Teddy Bear or Plushie? If so where do you put him/her?

This is from Belindachan.

I don't have any particular plushie that I need.  However, I would love to have a familiar of some sort.  A girl who could be turned into a pet of some kind like a cat.  The then the girl would transform back and forth and do my bidding.  A lovely little spy in more way than one!

2) Can you do somemore captions haveing to do with pregnancy, please? 

 If I end up doing some more captions for people who enjoy those preferences, then yes.  I can't say I particularly love doing them but every so often if I find a good picture then I'm all for it.  Those I have done usually have an "it" factor I love that brings out that particular instinct in me.   

3) do you think since i have been taking female hormones for 3years i could become a passible women

I wish it were that easy.  Might be something you should be asking a doctor.  I do wish you the best and I hope you are taking them properly.

4) i want to be a sissy

Are you doing anything to make this happen?  Do you have the proper panties or the right dresses?  If not than You've got a lot of work to do!  

5) What inspired you to establish the Modern Goddess blog?

I wanted a place to explore themes on my own outside my usual place on the haven.  Most of the captions I did at the Haven for for others but few were just on things I felt like doing at the time.  Having my own blog allowed me to do that and find more of the themes I personally enjoyed.  I also wanted to display work I've done outside of the haven itself.

6) Do you prefer to be eith a playboy bunny or a bimbo

Always the Bunny if I have to be one.  the bunny can play the bimbo when it's convenient, but her allure has power over the men who see her.  Also who wouldn't want a cute costume?

7)What else can you tell us about yourself?

Besides enjoying creating captions, I'm an avid reader and movie buff.  I'm a bit of a music snob and my tastes go all over the place.  What I listen to mainly depends on my mood and/or activity at the time.  I often pay attention to the process of creation as well as the creation itself - this is an all forms of art and pop culture.  Anything else you'll have to ask. . . or I won't tell :)

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