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Thursday, May 16, 2013

"A Doll's Life" or "Pretty Little Things" (Another Peril of Felicia)

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Remember poor Felicia?  It looks like she's found a new home. . . a very small one

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  1. What a precious little toy she makes! Great cap Simone! I really like the layout and the use of the additional images. Using only the first photo would have been fine, but the other images really let you get a glimpse into Felicia's new life!

  2. Oh that's such a lovely continuation Miss Simone it really is. And you get to the knub of what dollification is about. In your words "Most of all, you hope that she will use her magic to enter the dollhouse and play with her toy.Because all good toys only wish to be played with and you are no different".That's exactly what i crave deep down and every image sums it up perfectly.

  3. I liked this installment! This is fast becoming my favorite series. I love the feeling of helplessness that Felicia has. I always ask for more, because one of your caps is just never enough.

    It's nice to have you back. I hope you return to Felicia!

  4. Mm! Very nice! I agree with Caitlyn. The first image would have been good enough but the inclusion of the others as wordless afterthoughts keeps my mind running.


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