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Monday, December 30, 2013

Skinwalker | A New Hunger

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A taste for something new . . .

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He hungered for flesh, but not for nourishment.  The animal blood lust had morphed into a carnal lust.  His soul was changing while the power was growing.  His pack continued to hunt humans for food. . . His spirit desired something else from mortals.

The heat grew, rippling underneath the skin.  A dulcet purr rose up from the deepest reassesses, more sensual than primal.  His chest rose with labored breaths, heart thumping as the power coursed through his body.  His limbs shifted slowly, but they were not pulsing with brute, unspoilt power.  The instinct was there, but it focused on something else.  The savage whispers of the hunt were replaced by a siren song of erotic need.  

The stomach turned taut and firm as thighs took on a curvy pliability.  Legs and arms spun graceful and slender, with creamy flesh that was smooth to touch.  The heat within burned stronger as breasts billowed out and blossomed from firm muscles.  The senses overloaded as a growing need grew in the loins.  The mind was quickly corrupted by debaucherous, indulgent thoughts of carnal pleasure.  The thrill of stalking the most beautiful creatures - or making them.  Tempting prey into the trap of feminine euphoria until they surrender to it.  Each thought made itself evident in the dark marking appearing on skin, extending the power of change beyond just the body.

Her thick lips purred as her flesh settled into it’s new womanly form, the evolution complete.
She flexed her willowy limbs, her lascivious wantonness evident in her movements.  Finally, she had shed her masculine skin along with her old limitations.  She would never be male again but she would be all women.  Whatever form of beauty she needed to lure her prey, she would use.  All her lovers and pets would know a different face for their mistress but they would all call her by one name.

SHE was Abbie and her hunger was infinite

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  1. Wow, incredibly vivid writing Simone! You can feel the change pulsing through the entire story.


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