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Monday, April 25, 2011

Ask The Goddess - Omnibus

A few questions to be answered along with one caption!

"Could you please do a possession caption where someone spiritually possesses someone else? Thank you and keep up the great work" 

 I'm glad you are enjoying the captions here.  I like to think I've done a few captions like this already, but I'm sure there will be more down the line.  Keep reading and I'll do my best to accommodate as time and inspiration dictate. 

"Dear Mistress Simone, may I ask which of the following is your preference? Instantaneous transformation or a gradual but inevitable blossoming into feminimity? Also, do you prefer your pets resist their change or embrace it? Kisses, Sometimes Sarah."

This is interesting because often people have different ideas on what is a "fast" or "slow" transformation.  I myself feel anything past a day is a slow transformation.  I more enjoy a descriptive inside-out transformation.   Gradual transformations are good for stories but not so much for one off captions.  However, there is such thing as too fast.  A rapid transformation can be wonderful if it's treated and written right. 

As for the other question - resistance is futile!  I think I best enjoy initial reluctance and token resistance that gives way to pure acceptance.  I know in their hearts, pets always want what is offered.  The satin slip of a dress, the swish of fabric as nylons rub together. . . even the musical click-clack of heels on a hard surface.  All of it is seductive so any resistance is truly token.

If a mistress and her/his servant were to swap roles for a week. How do you think they would react? Would the servant starts to crave for power or the mistress to be in submission? Hope you like this question mistress :3

I don't think a true mistress or sub would want to switch places, at least not for an extended period of time.  Both need each other because each offers something the other desires.  Neither parties would get what they need so ultimately they would switch back quickly. 

genie caps plz???

If the inspiration strikes me.  Here's one that I did do once, however.

"Change In A Flash" or "Genie O' The Camera"

Friday, April 22, 2011

[Classic Caption June 2008] "Isn't (S)he Beautiful?" or "Pageant Boy"

Another older theme I think I wouldn't mind revisiting.  There's a touch a humor in the ending line and I find the idea rather amazing.  Imagine a boy so pretty that girls lost to him in beauty pageants.  Sure, pageants are a very traditional view of femininity, but that's what's so charming about them in TG forums.  It's good to use for either a sweet story or a more humiliating one. Also, it's fun to think about how she convinced her boyfriend to be a girl - did she use gentle nudging to to make a sissy girl doll for her own twisted pleasure?  Or does she enjoy a gentle, effeminate shemale that can act as a best friend and lover?  So many questions, so many possibilities. . .

*NOTE* - I fixed the caption, you should be able to see it now.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Proper Pet Care" or "A Trip to the Doctor"

I always want to make sure all my pets are well cared for all properly groomed.  What better way then to use nanomachines to keep them obedient and pretty?  This little picture was selected for Maemi who enjoys being made into a pretty little pet.  I was drawn to the soft, cute body as well as the helpless situation this adorable girl was in.  I had to make a story around it, so I hope you enjoy it as well.

Friday, April 15, 2011

"Owe It To Yourself" or "Fantasy meets Reality"

Made for Gwendolyn.  Something sweet and where the story is more of a beginning than an ending. . .  I'm wondering if this can be made into a multiple story series.  I just feel there is more of the story to tell.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ask The Goddess - Too Taboo For You??

I'm proud of you, dolls.  These are the kinds of questions I like to see:  

"Have there been any subjects for caps that you initially resisted but then came to really enjoy?"

 Originally, I never cared much for possession captions.  I can't say I love every type but I've come to enjoy the idea of it more and more lately.  I always felt like it was essentially like killing another person in order to become them.  However, I can see it as a merging into a new being or having someone take over a body while the original person is along for the ride.  I like this idea quite a bit and have come to find it a rather alluring theme to make captions.  It's shown up in some of my captions of late. 

Something I NEVER thought I would like are age progression captions.  Loss of youth didn't seem fun to me in the slightest.  I think part of the fun of being a woman would be able to be one in the prime of life.  However, some stories have made me feel otherwise (Sharon Parson's "Like Mother, Like Son" series on Fictionmania being the most recent example).  Plus as I've grown older, my own tastes have changed.  Being a sexy MILF of a woman or a cougar type fits me in many ways.  

57 and still fabulous.  would I trade?  Yes please.

 There are still a few things I'm not too comfortable with doing even now.  There are also some subjects that give me no thrill.  Everyone has a thing, everyone has something unique.  It's fine and I understand that.  I like to think I'm more open-minded than most, but woman has a right to change her mind, right?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Teaching Assistant Sissy" or "TAS"

I've been in a mood to do something that was nasty and truly smutty and doing something for Smitty always gives me that chance.  Smitty likes things to go beyond the usual and I tried to create something that could easily slip into his "Smitty-verse".  Well all you future sissies, this is a reminder that you have a lot of homework to do.  I expect you to practice hard!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

[Guest Captions] Maybe She's Borth With It - "Gwendolyn"

This little treasure was made by Gwendolyn, who is a girl after my own heart.  She picked up on some of my favorite themes and used them here in this story-driven caption.  The story itself is one I adore - getting even in the end.  There's a touch of sweetness to it, something Gwen uses well in her captions.  This isn't a long as some of her stories, but it worked out well - It could easily be expanded into something larger.  However, the two things touched off a favorite theme of mine; the image and the description of her being made beautiful.  Lovely little dream - who WOULDN'T want to transform into that beauty.  While I tend not to like celebs in captions made for me, Scarlett Jo definitely gets a pass from me!

If you would like to send something in go ahead and leave a caption at sometimessimone@yahoo.com.  I love getting captions and I might use it here.

Monday, April 11, 2011

[Exclusive Captions] "The Only Truth" or "Accepting Bliss"

A big influence of this caption was the character "Anna" from the science fiction series "V". I find her method for subjugating her race of aliens and the ease in which she manipulates the humans of the show rather seductive.  Morena Baccarin brings this role to life and I can easily see how being a woman like Anna is fun.

Two themes I enjoy playing with are the ideas of physically molding someone into a woman and mentally controlling them through a form of pleasurable brainwashing.  I thought that immediately when I saw this picture, but it was originally in black and white. I colored her skin, hair and lips to give the image of her being "Blissed" into womanhood.  The rest I believe is self explanatory.  I've toyed with just keeping black and white. .  . . what do you think?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ask The Goddess: Sasha or Simone?

Alectra posted this wonderful question to me:

“What part of you like more, Sasha the dark goddess or Simone the eternal lover goddess?”

 "Which Would You Want to Surrender To?  Do You Even Have A choice?"

 I could never choose.  Both sides are so yummy and fun to explore.  Here's the reasons why. . . . . 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

[Classic Caption - June 2010]"Less Than Nothing" or "Something To Pass The Time"

Part One

Part Two

Looking back on this caption, I love the story but I'm not as happy with the execution.  It's a classic theme and many girls dream of such a situation.  I just feel I could make it more vibrant if I rewrote it from a different angle.
Still, the attitude is one I love.  The absolute uncaring bitchiness is came out well enough that I'm please with that part of it.  I haven't done anything like this in a long time but I think I might want to revisit the theme in the near future.

Friday, April 8, 2011

"No Men Here" or "I've Been Careless With A Delicate Man . . . "

". . .and it's a sad, sad world . . . . when a girl can break a boy just because she can. . . "
Mid-way through making this cap I had to turn on Fiona Apple's "Criminal" because I was feeling so deliciously wicked.  I think the words to this song worked so well as the title.  There's a touch of influence from the song, but honestly the true inspiration came from the caption "Killing You" by Isobelle.  It's one of my favorites and it never fails to get the juices flowing because it captures a devious turn of events and not usually found in captions.  The picture I used above brought that story to mind, so it was no surprise to me that it was on my mind when I started writing.  While not quite the same subject matter, I did try to capture the spirit of it, even with the ending. 

I created it for googs @ Rachel's Haven as a little something to make him think.  Googs loves to straddle the line between love and submission and that's always something I'm willing to try to write.  For the story I had it in my head as two women fighting over a man.  One is the wife and the other is someone looking to sink her talons into claimed territory.  In the case of this caption, the winner is the other woman (no surprise I use myself as the voice of the victor!) and she chooses to change her trophy into her plaything.  The look in her eyes is one of utter victory and smug satisfaction; the girl under her is totally hers.  Just the way I like it.

I hope you enjoy it - let me know what you think. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ask The Goddess: Some Quick Questions

Really, dolls, I'm going to have to ask you to challenge me if you're going to ask these questions.  I adore getting them but give something I can sink my teeth into!

Question #1:

"can i dream like you i feel like my destiny is to be a women"

doll, dream all you like.  I encourage you to dream right along with me.  That's why I make these captions.


 Questions #2 & #3:

"Why me am so addicted to Your Blog, Mistress, visiting it daily?"

"Why i have to visit Your blog daily and feeling airheaded, Mistress?"

First of all, I think these are done by the same person.  I would like to think that you visit daily because you love the captions and want to know what sort of sexy adventure I'll take you on this time.  Perhaps it's because of the hidden messages in the text I've carefully implanted.  Perhaps you've always had a desire to be pretty and feminine.  I just hope you keep on coming back.

Being A Woman Could Be Like Heaven . . .

"Relax" or "A Break From Life"

This has been something of an idea in my head.  Sparked by role-play, this little beauty is all about fun.  I have some others similar to this in my head, but I'll have to write them.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Ask The Goddess - Prêt-à-Porter (Ready To Wear)

 This thoughful Gem comes from the lovely Jennifer:
 "you have mentioned your enjoyment of bodysuits many times. What would your wardrobe of said bodysuits look like?"

 I've always imagined bodysuits being something that you could change into and it became what you wanted.  Still, the idea of a wardrobe full of sexy bodies to choose from tickles the imagination. . . . . 

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