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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Fall Guy | Stunt Double

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Because He's The Unknown Stunt Man

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This is something I normally don't do, but one of the newcomers to the haven enjoys story involving celebrity TG swaps.  I can't say it's my thing but the challenge was fun for the moment.  Still, I wouldn't expect many more.

Slipping into the lives of his celebrity clients was normally easy for Mitch.  Wear their skin, do a few stunts and move on.  He got paid handsomely while his clients got to brag about doing all their own stunts while filming.  But Ms. Hudgens was different.  As a “hostile client”, she was turning ALL filming duties to Mitch, not just the stunts, so she could avoid work but still get paid for doing a crappy movie.  This meant he had to dive into her psyche and use her memories to BECOME Vanessa.  This type of possession was always dangerous because the deeper one dove the harder it was to resurface.

So far, keeping up appearances was taking it’s toll.  Mitch no longer thought of himself as a male.  While his own memories and faded into the background Vanessa’s flourished in high definition.  The starlet’s mannerisms and preferences took center stage and cherry-picked Mitch’s skills as a stunt coordinator to push her performance to the next level. The new Vanessa was loving the attention on set - especially from her handsome co-star.  With six weeks to go,Vanessa’s seductive personality was overshadowing Mitch’s control.   If she won out, the stuntman wouldn’t get to collect his check at the end of the job….


  1. It's not my preference either, but I really like the concept. Exploring ideas of what people would do with the various powers, pills and potions TG caps involve is always interesting.

  2. Not exactly my cup of tea either, but as always you brought a seductive writing style that really let's us sit back and enjoy the moment.

    Plus you've done an exquisite job with the design here. Nothing overly bombastic, but every detail sits in it's perfect spot and enhances the overall cap.



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