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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sensitivity Training | Employment Film

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It's important to properly train your employees

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And now we come to the discipline segment of the training program.  Ravenscroft Industries values self-motivated, loyal employees.  This is no tolerance for insubordination, disloyalty or harassment.   We go to great lengths to punish insubordinate behavior and to prove that point we have asked Andrew to help us.  You should remember Andrew from the health benefits module.  His visit to the health clinic wasn’t merely for a check-up.  Andrew’s misogynistic behavior and inappropriate behavior with his female co-workers earned him a spot in our sensitivity training program.  

Six weeks of mental reconditioning and DNA sequencing has reshaped Andrew’s mind and body.  Instead of a swaggering blowhard of a CEO, Andrew is now a sensually curvaceous example of femininity.  To better understand her demotion, “Linda” will serve as a member of the secretarial pool while her former co-workers will watch her progress as her immediate supervisors.   In two years the company will hold a review and evaluate Linda’s progress.  Of course, Linda’s road to redemption will not be easy.  The privileges lost will make things difficult; her status as a trainee makes it so that any executive can use Linda for any demeaning task they wish.  No doubt Linda will be busy regaining the trust of her peers.  

We hope you, as a new employee, will learn from Linda’s example.  If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to ask Linda for her first hand experience.


  1. You have to appreciate an employer that really cares about and for it's employees! Very sexy cap Simone!


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