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Monday, July 25, 2011

Ask The Goddess - The Bunny or the Bimbo?

There's a blacklog of questions I need to get to, but for now, I'll pick a few and go thru them then do the rest later in the week.

1) Do you have a favourite Teddy Bear or Plushie? If so where do you put him/her?

This is from Belindachan.

I don't have any particular plushie that I need.  However, I would love to have a familiar of some sort.  A girl who could be turned into a pet of some kind like a cat.  The then the girl would transform back and forth and do my bidding.  A lovely little spy in more way than one!

2) Can you do somemore captions haveing to do with pregnancy, please? 

 If I end up doing some more captions for people who enjoy those preferences, then yes.  I can't say I particularly love doing them but every so often if I find a good picture then I'm all for it.  Those I have done usually have an "it" factor I love that brings out that particular instinct in me.   

3) do you think since i have been taking female hormones for 3years i could become a passible women

I wish it were that easy.  Might be something you should be asking a doctor.  I do wish you the best and I hope you are taking them properly.

4) i want to be a sissy

Are you doing anything to make this happen?  Do you have the proper panties or the right dresses?  If not than You've got a lot of work to do!  

5) What inspired you to establish the Modern Goddess blog?

I wanted a place to explore themes on my own outside my usual place on the haven.  Most of the captions I did at the Haven for for others but few were just on things I felt like doing at the time.  Having my own blog allowed me to do that and find more of the themes I personally enjoyed.  I also wanted to display work I've done outside of the haven itself.

6) Do you prefer to be eith a playboy bunny or a bimbo

Always the Bunny if I have to be one.  the bunny can play the bimbo when it's convenient, but her allure has power over the men who see her.  Also who wouldn't want a cute costume?

7)What else can you tell us about yourself?

Besides enjoying creating captions, I'm an avid reader and movie buff.  I'm a bit of a music snob and my tastes go all over the place.  What I listen to mainly depends on my mood and/or activity at the time.  I often pay attention to the process of creation as well as the creation itself - this is an all forms of art and pop culture.  Anything else you'll have to ask. . . or I won't tell :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

"Business With Pleasure" or "Looking Out For Your Interests"

"You're place is by my side. . . and in my bed."

It's been a while, dolls!
I've been a bit busy and rather than make a big explanation, just know that I'm pumping out new material and bringing more little girls into the fold!  This little piece is for someone over at Rachel's Haven who loves clothing that transforms you.  This was my attempt to fill that preference.

Also, over at Rachel's Haven, there has a wonderful little bonus.  The contributors there have created a E-zine filled with all sorts of executive TG content!  The Haven Quarterly had many veteran TG artist working on it and have made almost 40 pages of stories, illustrations and captions that you won't find anywhere else.  You know many of the names including Jennifer, Smitty, Nadine as well as a host of Haven-only posters who don't have blogs.  Your's truly also did a bit of work for it including a story know as "Raven Island".  Interested?  Then all it takes is a $10 USD donation and it can be yours.  Proceeds go to keeping the Haven running.  If you haven't visited it, I can tell you it's a wonderful community who are always creating new material.  It's been my TG home and where I first learned to create captions so I have no problems doing what I can to help it. 

Anyways, dolls, There will be more content this coming week!  Until then!
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