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Visual exploration of fantasies in gender-fluidity, femininity, glamour,transformation, illusion, cross-dressing, dominance and submission. Images posted here are NSFW and are the properties of the respective owners.


There are others who help me look good when I make captions.  Sometimes it's to spark an idea, other times it's help with pointers on a design or with copy-editing.  Sometimes I collaborate with them on work.  This page to give them credit for helping me.

Lady Victoria - Sees most of my captions before they hit the enter web.  A wonderfully creative soul who has pushed me to make better quality work.  Specializes in clean, professional looking captions on her own blog.

Dementia - One of my friends from Rachel's Haven and one of my original copy editors.  Is always looking at the process of caption making and distills it into an art.  You can see her work and the discussion of creating captions on her blog.

Caitlyn - Someone I speak to when I'm looking for a visual eye or just to talk shop.  Her skill with Photoshop makes me envious.  Check out her wonderful work at her site; you won't be disappointed.

Steffiemarie - The Anti-Me in so many ways yet we also share so many of the same fantasies.  She pushes me to try new ideas and is always encouraging. Our shop-talk chats often spark ideas.  She also has taught me a thing or two about Photoshop.  If you enjoy feminzation with a sweeter theme, then head on over to her blog and see what wonderful work she creates.

There are a few others who also help from time to time, but these are the most frequent eyes who preview the work before it hits the web.  If you haven't visited them before now, I advise you to go do so.

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