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Sunday, December 8, 2013

"Never My Equal" or "Ending The Rivalry" [Explicit]

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A good rival knows how to up the ante.

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 I rarely do animated captions.  The types of images that fit most TG themes are limiting for storytelling.  I also shy away from using TV/Movie clips because I prefer not to use highly recognizable entertainers.  However, a newcomer to the haven enjoys them and I decided to create something that matches their tastes.  Plus, it's always fun to make something wicked every so often.


I told you nothing was out of my reach.  I knew this even when we were children, but you never wanted to admit it.  You fought against the right order of things because of your self-righteous upbringing.  You actually bought that drivel about how it’s a great honor and responsibility to be of a magic bloodline! My parents taught me the truth of our Order: The gift of power means the blessing of control.

Like so many of our kind, you refused to use your power.  You were a dedicated student but I entranced my teachers all the way to becoming valedictorian.  I used my power to become a talented athlete while you became the hard-work parable every coach dreams of.  Your summer internships and honor societies got you a entry level job at our firm but I started higher up on the chain with the help of a few glamour spells.

And yet you still fought me, thinking your hard work and honorable disposition would take you further than your power.  It was clear to me that you weren’t worthy of your gifts.  It’s why I searched out the forbidden sealing spells.  It turns out there are elders on the council who believe as I do.  They gave me access and permission to make an example of you.  But I decided to do more than just sever your power, I wanted... everything.  The siphon spells added not only your magic to mine, but also your masculinity.  Then I added all new impulses to match  your new feminine form.  I’ve also glamoured your lovely wife so she can help me usher you into your new life as my harem toy. Now you can enjoy the trappings of power, but from a different perspective.  I know I will be enjoying things from this end.


  1. Very sexy mistress. I agree using that magic for personal gain was the right choice

  2. Very sexy squrimy story and cap Simone! I especially love the way you created the preview image!

    1. I have to admit, I do get a kick out of doing the preview icons sometimes. This was one of those time.

  3. Very sexy. I do agree that with great power comes great responsibility. If you have it, you are duty bound to use it to your advantage, or suffer the consequences. Then again, i'm not entirely sure "suffer" is the right word here.


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