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Friday, January 3, 2014

An Elegant Carrying Case | The Right Baggage

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New travel rules should include this perk.

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The first caption of the new year!  It's also a bit different.  I don't do bodyswap stories very much but this story appealed to me when the image sparked it.  If the response is good I might do more.  Hopefuly Dawn will enjoy it too.


“Attention passengers: we will be arriving at our destination in approximately 28 minutes.  The time now in Zurich is 8:20 AM so you may want to adjust your watches accordingly. The seat-belt sign is on while we begin our decent and our hostesses will be around to help you prepare for arrival.  We would like to thank you for flying Diamante Luxury Air and hope that you will think of us again for all your travel needs!”

It was difficult to suppress the mischievous grin that threatened to spread across Carl’s painted lips.  Instead, he slid his satiny smooth legs against themselves to alleviate the anticipation.  In the next few hours, a preservationist at the Guggenheim Museum in New York would discover that the Diamond of the Grand Duchess on exhibit is a fake. By the time the authorities were alerted, Carl would have already delivered the REAL diamond and deposited his payment.  

Still, he lamented having to give up this exquisite body.  He shouldn’t have gotten so attached to this one; Dawn was little more than a high-class mule with a passport that wouldn’t raise any eyebrows.  Still he couldn’t deny Dawn’s sensual nature and tasteful beauty appealed to him. She came from good breeding and was unattached.  Plus, after splitting three months time between the bodies of a plodding, sleepy security guard and a chain-smoking neurotic museum director, it felt good to slip into someone so decadent.  He could even feel Dawn’s mannerisms and preferences mixing with his own during the flight.  He always preferred a nice scotch during a flight, but found himself sipping Merlot instead this time. Strong personalities like Dawn were dangerous to bodyshoppers . . . and tempting.   

No, he had best hurry and get to his usual female persona.  She was just as vivacious, attractive and most of all, completely unattached to ANY of Carl’s delinquent activities.  However he knew his thoughts would linger on Dawn long after he left her.  Perhaps in a few months he would look her up again...hopefully he did a good enough job covering his tracks that no one would suspect her and she would be free.


  1. Oh well this is just fabulous! I'm always game for a good crime caper and this one certainly fits the bill. It's a devious slice of fun and I love it!

    1. I should have known you would enjoy this: your wicked caper/spy stories are always fun to read. Thanks for the kind words, dear.

  2. Wow...very nice. Exactly the type of caption I am looking for. Well done, quite devious as Kendall has stated. Big kudos!


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