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Monday, October 14, 2013

“Truce” or “Serendipitous Mischief”

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She's calling a sit down.

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I must admit, I enjoyed writing this one a lot.  It was made for Dawn and I honestly started this one with very little direction.  This was a case where the story told itself to me to write.  It don't expect it to be popular as some of my others but it will be a personal favorite.

Discussion:  If given the same choice as Myers, what would be your path?  Would you hope she eventually transforms YOU?  Perhaps you would offer yourself as her vessel?  


“Now Mr. Myers, you shouldn’t pout; it’s very unmanly.”  the graceful beauty said as she calmly sipped her tea.  She appeared to be a quirky if not very stylish woman, but Devlin knew better.  “Your friend knew the risks and he’s come to terms with the outcome.”

“Come to terms??”  Devlin’s knuckles were white from clutching his leg.  It was taking everything in his power to not reach out and grab this she-demon.  But she had him over a barrel.  “You. . . You STOLE his life!”

“Oh don’t be so dramatic, Mr. Myers.  I had no influence in my awakening.  Your friend could have simply put my pendant in your vault and I would have remained trapped.  He put the necklace on and it just so happened to be during the 400th solstice since my imprisonment.  It was merely serendipity that I was released.  It was you who insisted on chasing me all over the place.  Put yourself in my shoes (cute as they are): Would YOU want to return to a hellish magical prison after over 400 years of confinement?  I’m simply playing the cards dealt to me.  I would have much rather awakened inside the body of some young maiden, but that did not happen.  I made due with the opportunity given to me and I can hardly be blamed for that, can I?   I’ve done NOTHING wrong since my awakening - at least nothing compared to what I did to the Atlanteans.”  A wry grin spread across her lips as she took another sip, remembering more wild times.  “But that’s all done because the time for reversal has passed.  I’m here to stay whether you like it or not.”

“So where do we go from here?”  Devlin finally asked.

“Well I imagine you’ll go back to artifact-hunting like you were doing before - hopefully with a lesson learned about tampering with magicks you don’t understand.  At least you don’t have to pay with your body.” She couldn’t help the slight jab - she WAS a trickster spirit after all.  “Your lovely friend has agreed to show me the world as long as I don’t harm you or the people of this era.  He’s already taught so much about this time!  I also love this era’s fashion.  So varied and unique!”

“So he’s. . . alive?”

“Yes, dear boy, very much so! However he doesn’t identify as male anymore.  SHE’S bonded with me and prefers the feminine aura over the masculine.  In fact, she LOVES the alterations I’ve made to her body and it was her idea that we adopt the name Dawn.  I must admit it’s grown on me.  Even if I were to GIVE her body back, she would remain female.  Now, because she’s so fond of you (I think it’s becoming a little crush), I’m willing to let you travel with us.  However you must behave yourself and stop trying to undo the spell!.  What’s done is done and we all have to move on.  Besides, I could teach you so much about the ancient artifacts you study.  Think it over Mr. Myers but don’t take too long: I leave for Rome in the morning.  If you aren’t at the terminal by seven, then this is goodbye.  You were a worthy opponent at the very least.”


  1. Very well done. It's a story I could see being a lot longer, but it still makes for an excellent caption. And once again, absolutely fantastic production values!
    (PS. I tweeted the link.)

  2. A gripping story holding your attention until the final full stop.

  3. very good I agree with Amanda would make a good short story you always deliver. it would be tempting to tag along with them but she seems abit devious so think I would get out while I could

  4. I think I would be completely and thoroughly tempted to travel with Dawn. I couldn't in good conscience steal her femininity from her, and the chance to pal around with a goddess would be too good to miss. I would be fascinated and enthralled by her stories of other ages, and her perceptions.

    I'm pretty sure she would wickedly know my desires and arrange to have them fulfilled. And she did offer to teach about artifacts, which would be another draw. I love mentors that teach and I adore other cultures. This would be a most suitable trap/adventure, I think!!


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