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Monday, April 25, 2011

Ask The Goddess - Omnibus

A few questions to be answered along with one caption!

"Could you please do a possession caption where someone spiritually possesses someone else? Thank you and keep up the great work" 

 I'm glad you are enjoying the captions here.  I like to think I've done a few captions like this already, but I'm sure there will be more down the line.  Keep reading and I'll do my best to accommodate as time and inspiration dictate. 

"Dear Mistress Simone, may I ask which of the following is your preference? Instantaneous transformation or a gradual but inevitable blossoming into feminimity? Also, do you prefer your pets resist their change or embrace it? Kisses, Sometimes Sarah."

This is interesting because often people have different ideas on what is a "fast" or "slow" transformation.  I myself feel anything past a day is a slow transformation.  I more enjoy a descriptive inside-out transformation.   Gradual transformations are good for stories but not so much for one off captions.  However, there is such thing as too fast.  A rapid transformation can be wonderful if it's treated and written right. 

As for the other question - resistance is futile!  I think I best enjoy initial reluctance and token resistance that gives way to pure acceptance.  I know in their hearts, pets always want what is offered.  The satin slip of a dress, the swish of fabric as nylons rub together. . . even the musical click-clack of heels on a hard surface.  All of it is seductive so any resistance is truly token.

If a mistress and her/his servant were to swap roles for a week. How do you think they would react? Would the servant starts to crave for power or the mistress to be in submission? Hope you like this question mistress :3

I don't think a true mistress or sub would want to switch places, at least not for an extended period of time.  Both need each other because each offers something the other desires.  Neither parties would get what they need so ultimately they would switch back quickly. 

genie caps plz???

If the inspiration strikes me.  Here's one that I did do once, however.

"Change In A Flash" or "Genie O' The Camera"
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