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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ask The Goddess [Formspring] - Cartoon Hotness

More Formspring goodness. A few questions popped up so I decided to answer them.

if you could be any cartoon hottie in real life who would it be?

ooooh!  me a pretty girlie?  oh who do I choose?


A cosplay model, comic book Baroness and Sennia Miller
 Would it be sad to say there are too many to count?

I have always liked Anastasia DeCobray aka The Baroness from G.I. Joe (who was played by the lovely Sennia Miller in the live-action movie).  She's sneaky, sexy, a master of disguise (!) and gets to wear a ultra hot catsuit.  I always loved how she was sneaky enough to trick the Joes with a little lipstick and a wig, so perhaps this is some of where my earliest TG yearnings came from.  Of course, I also loved Lady Jay and Cover Girl (aka Duke and Flint's beards *giggle*) because they could kick but and still look fantastic on the battlefield.  

Nuriko in "Boy" and "Girl" modes

While not a girl, I have to consider him part of this (for obvious reasons).  Nuriko from the anime Fushigi Yuugi was my absolute favorite character from that show because (s)he had so many awesome things going for her.  For those who don't know, Noriko was a cross-dressing boy who was pretending to be a girl and competing to win the heart of the prince of the kingdom.  In the end, you find that he's not only a wannabe courtesan/princess, but a mystical warrior blessed with super-human strength.  The Juxtaposition of seeing this girlish, delicate-looking character wreck havoc upon the bad guys (and sometimes the other heroes) made for some awesome and humorous moments.  Also, his original reasons for taking one a feminine persona are the stuff ripe for a story on Fictionmania (not wanting to let go of a deceased young sister).  I found it ironic that the "bruiser" character of the show was my favorite AND was the most girlish of the group (especially after going thru a phase with the show Ranma 1/2), but I guess I should have paid more attention!

Finally, we come to the reason I have a goddess complex, and that is the lovely Storm of X-men fame.  She's a beautiful queen who commands the power of lighting.  The climate is her servant all with the flick of a wrist.  It actually rains when she cries!  What's more, she was worshiped by her people in Africa as a goddess.  How could I NOT love her?  There are a million and one awesome girls in comic book lore, but I will ALWAYS keep a place in my heart for Storm.




should i become a woman?

 If you feel that it is your destiny, then by all means.  However, I would advise you to find a qualified specialist who is trained to help guide you with that kind of question.

how to find a mistress in india?

I don't think I can help you with that.  I honestly don't know much about the country of India much less where one would find a Mistress.  I would start with the internet first and go from there.

Just a reminder that the formspring box on the corner isn't a search engine or chatroom.  It's a  social network widget to allow you to anonymously ask questions.  You are also free to ask them via email or thru the comments.  I love interacting with the audience as it tells me what you all like.  I've really enjoyed the commentary I've gotten from people recently so please keep it up!  Thank you and until next time, dolls.


  1. I LOVED the cartoon question. I would be Josie from Josie and the Pussycats!! if I had to pick only one.

    LOVE this feature, don't you dare stop answering!!
    *shakes finger*

  2. Josie would be my first choice too.

  3. I would most likely want to be "Harley Quinn" from either Batman : Mad Love OR the Arkham videogame series.

    Jim Balent's Catwoman was a great look too!

    Lastly would probably be Jim Byrne's run of She-Hulk.

  4. Ahhh!! A She Hulk lover!!

    Dee, we have that in common. I loved the concept of a larger sexier female protecting and doing the things her more timid alter ego couldn't or wouldn't admit to.

    That character is so rich and they barely scratched the surface for her.

    I do a lot of stuff like that on my Forum Rpz. I build characters that protect the softer me until I figure out who is trustworthy. So She Hulk was definitely a template for that idea that had not occurred to me consciously, but your comment made me realize that.


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