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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ask The Goddess - Question Catch Up

In my time away from making captions, formspring has piled up a bit; for better or worse.  I really enjoy answering questions, but sometimes there are some who don’t seem to know how best to use it.  You’ll see what I mean below:

My pleasure is first, but you'll have plenty as well.
Question 1:
What would my life be like if I was you live in Pet? Alexia (Lady Alexia Blog)

That would require me to be as I would want to be! 
If that were the case and I were the Mistress of my dreams, than Alexia would be my little flame-haired thrall and toy.  Nicely collared and used for whatever purposes I desired.  This would be the life of my pets, and it would allow my imagination to make my fantasies of control and dominion a reality. 

Don't worry, they WON'T be gentle with you . . . .

do you the butthole sex

If you’re asking, I’m assuming your offering your own ass in offering to me.  As mistress, I would more than likely give you over to some lovely, strong men who enjoy breaking toys in.

Question 3:
I know this may sound really, REALLY wierd, but do you think that you might be able to make a tg caption involving the Species movie alien? I've been looking all over and I seem to be the only one with this particular fantasy.

I seriously doubt I would do this unless I found a story that worked for me within the realms of TG/TF I enjoy.  Considering that I don’t have any real draw to this particular fantasy, I don’t see it happening.  If you would want to see this type of fantasy made into a caption, I would urge you to create it yourself.  You know your fantasies best so you would be able to express it best.

Question 4:
This is not a question, it is a comment. When I attempt to open the pictures they come up on a black panel and they are still to small to read. Is there a solution to this problem and have others complained of this problem? I truly love yor captions. S

I can only make it sexy, I can't do any more than that.
The issue you are referring to has nothing to do with me; it’s something google/ blogger decided to do when it comes to displaying pictures on blogs and other related sites.  I don’t like it but there isn’t a lot that can be done about it other than instead of just  right-clicking on the image instead and viewing it in another window or tab.  I hope it doesn’t deter anyone from viewing my captions. 

Question 5:
i want to grow my cork?
 You have a cork farm?  You might want to consult some other blogs for help with that.

 Question  6:

Really, questions (or whatever they are) like the last two should be ignored, but I can make fun of them.  Also, if you send a lewd question, expect to be ignored or made fun of.  Until then, expect new captions soon, already finished a few and waiting to post them.  See you soon, dolls.


  1. Some people don't get they are dealing with intelligent person who expects to be treated with respect. Too bad you can't force feminize them in real life!
    Happy new year, regards Belinda

  2. If i could, there would be some happy and some terrified girls out there, Belinda.

  3. Okay maybe I am just really tired but Cork Farm and your response gave me a gigglefit. It was one of those things that the more I thought about, the sillier it got, til I actually was giggling nonstop over my keyboard, hee.

    Brought here by: You Might Also Like.


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