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Monday, April 30, 2012

Ask The Goddess - What Would YOU Change Into?

Who do I want to Be Today?
If you could have someone get their hands on YOU, and change you into anything, what would you desire?

Good luck getting your hands on me.
If I had my choice, ultimately I would want to be pretty.  That's a big part of the fantasy for me: to be seen as a desirable female. 

 If I could ask a genie (or some other wish granting force), I would ask to be a shape-shifter so that I could shift my body to my own desire.  Then I would be able to be any kind of woman I wished to be.  Believe me, I could come up with a lot of ways to have fun with that.

Perhaps some Goddess will have pity on me and make me her instrument of sexiness.  If she blesses me with beauty, then I'll gladly spread her message of sexiness to the world! 


  1. I think that is a very good idea, but would you wish to be limited to staying as a female? Would you want to retain the right to be male, just in case someone wronged you and you needed to fight back? Or perhaps you would use a hot female body to get a man to do your dirty work?

  2. If I got my shapeshifer wish, I would switch back and forth, but I have a feeling once I adjusted to acting and living as a woman, I would spend more and more time as a female. However, it's all a big dream - just like winning the lottery.

    But what a dream.

  3. Yes, a wish to bring dreamy looks to the face as you think of what could be - in that little piece of fantasy.

  4. That is always at the top of my list if I ever got "the three wishes" scenario from a genie ... "The ability to change the mind and body of myself and others". What could possibly go wrong with that?

  5. Oh, YES! To dream the 'impossible' dream! The ability, being or artifice that could enable various and repeated bodily transformations! As there be too many shapes, sizes and shades to explore and experience to be limited to only one, (or even a pair, 1 ea. M & F, though, I could even relish such an option)!

    I'd love to spend time trying a combination, such as an hermaphrodite, (though not like a manga futa with a ludicrous 'appendage')!

    But, alas, we simply be beggars who lack conveyance! :-(

  6. I like the idea of a shapeshifter a lot, blending in to whatever is needed.

  7. Thank you for the answer!!

    I like the shapeshifter idea as well. Especially since I seem to switch avatars so often on the Haven.

    My gal pals are like "AGAIN? Who's this now???"

  8. Shapeshifter has always been my choice for this scenario. My idea of shapeshifting isn't limited to gender, humanity, or even being in one piece; it would be nifty to mostly lay in bed physically asleep, while I soared through the sky inside part of my body in the form of a bird.

    For becoming smaller, it may seem odd to do it this way, but not as odd as breaking the law. Conservation of mass and all that ;>


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