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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ask The Goddess: In Response to . . . Part 2!

The next installment of questions!  Let's see what naughty things you all asked me. . . .

I understand needing time off and all of that. If that's the case, have fun taking a break! If you're sick or something's keeping you from doing what you love, I hope it gets resolved quickly. No one as talented as you deserves to have bad things happen.

I thank you for the kind words.  I did need a bit of a break, and now I'm feeling very inspired of late.  I won't have quite as much time to cap as I usually do, but I will still churn out more work I hope you all enjoy!



mistress.....will you like to marry a slave who is a virgin abd asia

Well, first and foremost, I my sexy vixen would be most upset with me.  She doesn't mind the other lovers I take but she's very serious about being the ONLY Mrs. Simone.  Also, If I were to marry a slave pet, they would have to provide me the lifestyle I've grown accustomed.   Tell me, can you give me a new European sports car every time I want one?  Are you willing to provide me with an endless source of income so I may continue to build my wardrobe.  More importantly, are you willing to DRESS in the garments I find acceptable and attend to my every need?  You see, on top of earning my money, you have to wait on me hand and foot.  I'm afraid it doesn't leave time for much else.

Mistress Simone, I am a 50-year-old virgin, mainly due to my epilepsy, which I've had since New Year's Day, 1965, though it's better-controlled these days, unlike the bad old days when I had to be chaperoned, in case I had an epileptic fit. Do you think 

 Why I DO think, thank you for asking!  I find I have a lot of thoughts, mostly about which pets need to be walked or what type of clothing me or my dolls should wear.  I also think a lot about the type of cosmetics I enjoy but there's also the wicked thoughts about how to scheme some wannabe stud out of his money.  

Why do you suppose the superiority of femininity (and females in general) has been such a well kept secret for most of recorded history? Although our sheer physical beauty, obvious sexual power over the masculine gender, far more highly pitched sensibil

This question was cut off. . . they obviously got busy plotting the downfall of masculinity.   I have to say I agree that woman have the best take on things.  The best leaders make you believe YOU thought of it first. . . women have been doing it to men for years.





  1. So glad the break helped!! Looking forward to more Cap Goodness from you.

    I am suspecting Alien Grabs from the Planet Femmenopolis in all these unfinished ques

  2. Happy to see the break helped you.


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