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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ask The Goddess: In Response To . . . Part One

I've had a lot of interesting questions. . . including one dealing with matrimonial matters.  So many questions entered my mailbox that I had to break them down into two parts.  Part one is today, Part two with be later this week.. . . Let's begin, shall we?

In response to your Gamers question, why don't you have one of your dolls pay again for your account?

They have to pay for other things!  Why one of them works tirelessly on her hands and knees making sure that my new car has gas in it!  And who do you think made the money for the car?  Several sexy little things bend over again and again to make sure their Mistress drives in style!  

Another problem I have is that I no longer have an XBOX.  I decided to give it to my dolls so they could entertain themselves.  However I only allow them to play imported dating sims and sex simulators from Japan.  If I don't make them work they would play all day!


You never Forget Your First . . . .

Hi mistress, I am a huge fan and pet of yours. I love your site. My question is, who was the first boy you ever made into a lovely woman?

It was the cutest little thing who couldn't hide what he really was.  He tried to act "manly" by professing in love for sports but I knew something was wrong when I caught him staring at my new high heels one too many times.  I left a little trap to test him and I found him wearing a pair of panties and dancing around to Shinia Twain.  Needless to say SHE'S now working as Shinia impersonator and I realized my calling in life.  Now if only I can find a cute one who looks like Angelina Jolie. . .



Mistress Simone, when did you first get involved in the TG scene, and is Simone your real name?

I started reading stories over ten years ago but I didn't start making content until about 6 years ago.  I made my first little doll 4 years ago and I've been happy ever sense.  
As for the name. . . Just go with yes for now.  



Training Time!!!


miss simone how long is the journey from a guy to a prepared woman usually take? dee.

 First pre-heat the oven to 350, then you stick your buns inside. . . oh wait, wrong answer!

The journey depends on the subject.  The willing are sometimes the hardest because they THINK they know what to do.  But they really just swish too much or beg too much.  They play at being toys, not women.  The not so willing break well. . . it takes pressure in the beginning, but once it cracks, it all spirals down hill. . . who wants to be the next one to try?


Next set of questions will post in a day or two. . . along with at least one new cap!  I hope you enjoyed them.  Until, next time, dolls.


  1. I've seen some of your handiwork— your toys put the "XXX" in Xbox. ;-)

  2. Milady Simine, I am Lamorak de Galis. Verily, 'tis a pleasure to hear such a refined lady of culture such as yours exists, but tell me, if thou wilt not object,
    have you ever been submissive-you know, just for fun? And do you ever read erotica, such as that written by Maria Del Rey?

    1. Actually, Milady Simone, it was Queen Morgaine de la Fae-the exiled and corrupt
      Queen of the Faeries-whose name is often incorrectly spelled as Morgan le Fay who put the XXX into Xbox. I just thought you might to know. Yours sincerely, Lamorak de Galis(Sir).

  3. Regarding your last question; I'll do it!


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