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Monday, June 4, 2012

Flavor of The Month - May

It's new June, so it's time to see which captions you dolls loved most and and compare to my favorites list.  Did your favorite make the top list this month?  Let's find out . .
"Aren't you wet wet with anticipation?  I know I am . . "

Reader Top 5 for May

1.[Exclusive] "House Husband" or "Helping Around The House" 
2. "The Glamour Games: Steffi" or "The Beauty" 
3. "The Next Morning" or "The Sun Beat You Home"
4.  "Mother's Little Brat" or " I'm not saying she's a...
5.  "Won't Let Go" or "Pet Play Date"

Miss Simone's Top 5 for May

1."Vindictive Nature" or "Dangerous Liaisons"
2. "Glamour Games: Caitlyn" or "The Courtesan"
3."Mother's Little Brat" or " I'm not saying she's a...
4.[Exclusive] "Come out, Come Out, Whatever You Are"...
5."Rubicon" or "The Medoza Line"

Personally, this was a tough month to rate.  I feel like this was one of my better months of work, particularly with the Glamour Games Week.  Those went over so well that I've decided to do another set in the near future.  There were many of you lovely dolls who expressed desires to be part of the games and I think it will become a semi-regular event for my blog.  This way I can add more girls to it.

The biggest surprise to me?   That"Rubicon" or "The Medoza Line"  wasn't in the reader top 5.  Some of you girls absolutely melted when I posted that caption (It came in at #7 on the overall list for the month)!  I was also surprised that "Glamour Games: Caitlyn" or "The Courtesan" wasn't in the reader's list .  I've gotten more personal comments and emails about that caption than any in recent memory.  It's on my list because it was one of those captions I looked at when it was done and went "Whew!  Let me fan myself!"

No surprise that [Exclusive] "House Husband" or "Helping Around The House" was on the reader list; it seems to be something right up the alley of so many who visit here.  I shouldn't be surprised at "Won't Let Go" or "Pet Play Date", but I am.  The soft image combined with the ultra submissive/lesbian pet story is a button-pusher for sure.  

The only thing we all seem to agree on is "Mother's Little Brat" or " I'm not saying she's a....  That caption was so much fun to do and I simply loved the picture for it.  "Vindictive Nature" or "Dangerous Liaisons" was a caption I didn't expect to be in the Reader top five simply lack of time but mostly because of it's style.  I know it has an audience, but I felt overall it would be overlooked. 

What there something you enjoyed that wasn't on the list?  Perhaps you have a favorite caption of all time.  Tell me your favorite for this month and your favorite all time Simone caption.  I'll be happy to hear from you.  Until next time, Dolls.


  1. I also loved the "Always a bridesmaid" cap. You have one of the most enjoyably tasteful blogs in my opinion.

  2. Favorite Dark Cap May: Vindictive Nature
    Favorite Light Cap May: Always A Bridesmaid
    Funniest Cap May: Mother's Little Brat
    Favorite Glamour Games: Dani the Pet

    The closest was between Bridesmaid and House Husband, which I both adored. The dialogue and text in Maid pushed it ahead, because I loved the gentle understanding the characters had for each other.

    Current Favorite Of All Time: The "L" Word

  3. I don't think I could boil this down to my single favorite. Your caps always seem to hit one part of me or another. If a gun were put to my head I would have to say that "The Courtesan" (as well as all of the Glamour Games), "Come Out, Come Out, Whatever You Are", "Rubicon", "One More", and "Won't Let Go" would all be my favorites this month.

    As to picking a favorite Simone Cap... wow. That's like asking which breath you've taken is your favorite. There are just to many to consider, and I don't think I could have lived well without all of them!

  4. I also liked Always a Bridesmaid and Always a brat. In addition i enjoyed the Glamour games series (maybe I ought to be a competitor?)


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