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Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Finding Peace" or "Stress Free Forever"

A little TLC is all you need sometimes . . . .

Dominance doesn't always mean whips and changes.  Usually it means that you provide something that's missing in one's life.  Having the courage and instinct to take control when necessary is paramount when taking over someone's life, and that's the theme I was going for in this caption.  The source image has a gentle, sensual feel and i didn't want to mar it with too much.  I took a very basic approach to design and with with as little fan-fare as possible. 

The story was meant to have a level of sweetness and caring with some dark edges.  This girl's love for her significant other drives her to make a decision.  This was her best option and her way to keep the love she so wished to have. 

Now for a bit of business.  I've said this before, but I'll say it again.  I don't mind people re-posting my captions onto other blogs.  However if you do this please keep in mind the following:

-Please link back to the original post or at least to this blog
-Please give credit
-Please do not alter or change the captions in any way.

I realize that this little indulgence those of us who create captions take walks a fine line in a number of ways, but it it's meant to be done for enjoyment.  Most of the captions I create are to tailored to the fantasies of the people I gift them to.  I don't pretend it's fine art, but care goes into making these.  When I see my captions on another blog without a link or to see the original stories altered makes me re-think putting in the effort to create them.  If I continue to see this happen, then I'll either have to make the blog completely private or perhaps even stop posting altogether.

I'm not an unreasonable individual.  I'm flattered if you like my captions.  If you want help with creating your own, I'm willing to help if I can.  If you like a source picture from one of my captions, I am willing to see if I can give you the link to the source image.  I can't always provide one, but I don't' mind pointing you in the direction if I can.  However I find it in poor taste to change a caption already made or to post work and insinuate that you created it. 

That's all I'll say on this for now.  I may have more to say on shortly down the road.  Until next time, dolls.


  1. I really enjoyed the story of this one. It's so overtly sweet on the surface but with a few hints of something a little darker, or at least more selfish, lurking underneath. Great caption.

    1. Glad you like it. You seem to float in between wicked and sexy yourself.

  2. Oh Mistress! I love how perfectly you captured the Mistress attitude I soooo love and adore, and put it in a story that's so sweet and sensual. My mind is spinning over the scenes that come to my mind!

    if I had to point to a cap that i would love to come true.. This would be in the top 5! SO good!

    1. Knowing how long you've been making captions and reading TG fantasies, I consider that high praise!

  3. Wow, that is amazing Miss. The perfect balance of sweet and loving, and sadistic. Beautiful story, keep writing them and I will keep loving them!

    1. It seems I'm getting known for framing my "sweet" captions with dark edges. I'm glad liked it and hopefully you'll like my idea for you as well.

  4. That is a very cute one - and I sympathize with your annoyance - people shouldn't appropriate your work as their own!

  5. Simply put, a Cap is an artistic gift between the creator and the person you gifted it too.

    You are generous enough to share your gifts here, and all your followers benefit from them, in enjoyment, fantasy and sometimes even self realization.

    A well made Cap is a creative treasure, and sometimes it communicates your feelings about a person you gifted it to, in the best, truest sense.

    To take that, and change it, is a true crime, shows a lack of feeling to art and creation, and a lack of respect to the creator and the person they gave it to. And even worse, on a blog that pretends to uphold submissives and their Mistresses, shows a lack of respect for that very special relationship.

  6. To me at least the whole notion of submissiveness is really the acceptance with grace that the 'top' really understands you and what deep down you really want and your appreciation of what you can provide for them. That comes over well in your caption.

    I so agree with you about not crediting, not backlink or altering without permission your work, nay art. I'm not you but I'd imagine you put in numerous hours thinking about the concept, selecting images, backgrounds and text What is with people that they can't respet your creativity and effort?

  7. I loved this cap a lot... The ONE thing that sticks out to me, more than anything else is the gentle and downright CUTE expression and appearance of the "Dom"... She's every bit as adorable as her sub, yet the text works perfectly with the piccie :) Well done!

    Sorry to hear you've run across the issue of uncredited altering.... As you might guess, the very thought infuriates me. I'm with you on your position on this, 120%.


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