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Monday, May 21, 2012

"The Glamour Games: Steffi" or "The Beauty"

Welcome to the 87th Annual Glamour Games!  This year's pool of entries looks to provide a spirited competition!  As usual some lucky boy chosen by his district to act as tribute and compete in pageant that celebrates our glorious capital's triumph over it's enemies.   Victory means glory and honor, they must remember to be their most feminine and submissive.  Leading up to the games, we will be doing a story on each of this year's tributes.  Today's boy is from the Beauty District!  These lovely people usually give us the most alluring and girlish tributes because they specialize in creating cosmetics and specialized higene products.  Their tribute doesn't disappoint as he is an absolute doll!  Now let's take a closer look at tribute Steffie!

Remember, at the end of the week, we will begin the voting polls.  You can effect the odds of your favorite tribute, so vote when you can!  May the odds always be in your favor.


  1. I love it here... I love it there.... I love this caption everywhere :)

    Wonderful start to what is sure to be a GREAT series!

    I am so proud and honored :)


  2. great cap hun, let the games begain lol :)

  3. A great exhibit for the Glamour Games with a great storyline.

  4. I love this cap Simone, and I love the whole idea of the Glamour Games. I'm sure being raised and trained for the games from such an early age will give Steffi a leg up on the competition!

  5. I love the idea of the games, and I love the little touches that make the cap feel like its own story too. I especially like the twist of a sissy so obsessed with pretty things that she doesn't like guys.

  6. i've always loved the idea of a boy raised as a girl, so many different story's that could be told from that upbringing.

    You can really tell this was the first glamour games caption, None of the others end with "THE GLAMOUR GAMES" I could almost picture it saying, part one, in the title. If it wasn't the first one wrote up, it at least feels like it's the first.

  7. Loved the care and development of this world, the different districts, the art of these, and the special care you took in personalizing each of the Caps for your Tributes.

    This one is one of my favorites, both for the image and the text, the idea of a District devoted to the ideal of feminine beauty.

  8. Seems like a great start! Glad I waited until they were all done so I wouldn't have to wait for the next part!

  9. Interesting twist on "The Hunger Games " genre. So what's next, the "Lingerie Competition "? And what will happen to our girl ? Be fully transformed into a real girl perhaps ? Maybe be the slave of a wealthy mistress doing makeovers for other "Gurls " ? More soon, please


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