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Thursday, May 31, 2012

[Exclusive] "Come out, Come Out, Whatever You Are" or "That Fateful Day. . . "

One more to even out the week and to play with a visual . . .

The image is absolutely lovely but most stories didn't fit it . . . . until I played with the "caught dressing" theme.  I know a few of you lovely dolls have had this little adrenaline rush: the sound of a car driving up or a car door slamming shut just outside while you are dressed to the nines in your favorite outfit.  This is playing on heavily on that theme.  I continued to play with the visual when I did the title, choosing to use the blinds to go along with it.  As I said, this is one of those times where the visual is plays just as much a role as the story itself.  I would even say it's influenced by Caitlyn's recent works with dynamic text.  Admittedly I plan on trying to emulate (read: steal) the idea so this might just be me working towards it.

Also, one of my followers has suggested that I get a twitter account.  I've debated it a few times before and I'm wondering if it's worth the trouble.  Tell me, dolls; what would you like to see on a twitter account if I created one? 


  1. You are correct, she is a cutie. Those gorgeous eyes and a hint of freckles. I think that this would fall under the " I wish " catagory. Maybe without the boyfriend, perhaps a girlfriend or just sisters for the day.

  2. Did a Twitter account for a WoW Rp once, in character, and it was a pain in the behind.

    It was fun for a month or so, but then it became a burden, something to check constantly, something I had to police and clean up spam in. And I felt it was taking away from my creativity in other areas I more enjoyed using it it, trying to come up with interesting stuff for my WoW group to read.

    So, a cautionary tale: If you do it, pick something you'll have fun with. Something that you think you could do long term. It is very limited so you have to be brisk, efficient and non verbal in your thoughts. Another reason I might have had problems with it.

    Imho, not worth the trouble.

    P.S. Loved the image in it, the story, and the play you are doing with fitting the text around the image. Very nice!

  3. I don't really see much value in a twitter account .. but please don't take just my words for it. Technically I have one that I originally used to keep up with Steffie and Pea's antics, but then they disappeared. Now, I use it to follow some people I find funny or creative.

    Were they asking you to do some Mistressing on Twitter in 140 characters or less? I could sort of see a task oriented twitter feed where your followers would have to follow your directions.

    Mistress commands you to wear your ruffled panties underneath your business suit today! #sissyboi

  4. Hey there. I just discovered your caps yesterday, and I just have to say, I love them. They're also some of the best designed caps I've ever seen. Keep up the good work!

  5. Great caption playing into "discovered" and "maybe more territory".
    Personally so I'm being purposly selfish here, twitter account wouldn't do much for me I struggle with inter et time with being ill and that never mind feeling the need to keep up. From your own pov I think you'd find a lot of work for little real satisfaction and as has been said you do watch it for spamming and that. FemDom talking via twitter I can see (although there's the great IM for that with less network censorship issues).


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