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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[Exclusive] "Regret" or "Fated Choice"

 I've been gone for a few days, but I'm back with a little fun . . . .

What would be your choice if you were in this situation? 


  1. oh! A cuckold cap! A very sexy one at that! i love the thoughts of him losing his mascuility, not only to his girlfriend, but soon to the man she's sleeping with!

    And dang! That picture is so pitch perfect for this theme! Welcome back Mistress! ^_^

  2. Oh wow Miss, what a beautiful seductive story, gosh, if I was in Melissa's heels, how could I not just want to feel like Julie does, being giving that pleasure? Ohhh such a good thought *shivers* thank you Miss for the lovely cap.

  3. Thank you Miss for your hard work to this blog.. I'm sorry I was anon for too long. Your efforts to this blog are greatly appreciated!

  4. Wonderful cap Mistress! Everyone's expression works perfectly and you've matched both your story's tone and the relaxed atmosphere from the photo in your design and layout!

  5. It's a good story and a nice picture, but I don't think the two go together that well. The story mentions Julie screaming in ecstasy and Jake taking Julie without asking. The picture shows Julie on top, cool and in control of the encounter with Jake screaming helplessly with pleasure. At least that's how it seems to me.

    Anyway, what would be my choice? I wouldn't wait for a "turn." I would have all three of us were having fun all the time...unless Julie made me reign myself in, of course.

  6. Sexy cuckold cap. In that situation my choice would be to be taken by Julies byfriend as I'd be desporate to to be having the same feelings as she was experiencing.


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