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Friday, June 1, 2012

[Exclusive] "Karma Doll" or "Being Told What To Do"

Let's end the week with a curse. . .

I simply wanted to play with a transformation here.  This is a more "traditional" caption than I usually do, but it was done on purpose to see if I could tell it in a provocative way.  It comes out to be an exercise in description than anything else. I loved the image and I loved the idea of her discovering her new form. 


  1. LOVED the curse in this. Loved the build: Fighting Transform, Curse, Effects of Curse.

    and how the text builds on a simple image and makes it more than it seems.

  2. curse? what curse, she did him a favor, lol, loved it hun.

  3. It's different than what you've done before but you've pulled it off, Goddess.

  4. What's amazing in this one is the brevity of the text, yet the fullness of the story... Wonderful job on the phrasing and pace.. and the girl is a beauty :


  5. The detail you put into the transformation in this one is spectacular and his battling with the transformation is a nice touch. You gave a wonderful new sensation to a traditional concept. Excellent work here :D


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