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Saturday, May 19, 2012

"Rubicon" or "The Medoza Line"

There are some lines a man should never cross.  Caitlyn learned this lesson. . . .

I've decided to do more quick-dirty caps for my tumblr, and this is something going in that direction.  These are designed to be fast reads never more than a paragraph or so of text.  The pictures will also be more hardcore in nature compared to my normal captions here.  I quite enjoy doing my "normal" captions, I do like exploring more hardcore themes.  I also like to find good shemale/CD/trap images but I don't feel they often match the creations I do here.  If they have a crossover appeal (as I feel this one has) then I will cross-post them.

Overall, this gives me an opportunity to explore my dirtier fantasies and play with themes/images that don't resonate as well with the usual audience here. 

Also, I have something special planned for the coming week.  I've been working on a special project that involves some of my special friends on the net.  I've been working on these captions on-and-off for a while now and I've finally finished the entire set.  The best part is you all will get to influence the final outcome of the project!  When I post the final cap, I'll create a poll for you to vote on your favorite.  If you are a member of the Rachel's Haven, you can already look at these captions.  If not, just enjoy the show.

Until next time, dolls.


  1. Well, I LIKE it, and I'll bet Caitlyn does also when she sees it :)

    Lovely design, story quick and to the point, powerful image. What's not to like?

    Thanks you!


  2. do it do it! she will love it. lol :P

  3. I absolutely adore this cap. I think the shortened story works for it, as all the how's and why's aren't important. The only important thing is how long 'Caitlyn' will wait! Bravo!

  4. Sealed, destiny fixed and how! it may a short scan cap but it's a great one.

  5. I'm a big fan of shorter captions, and this one works perfectly. Nicely done.


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