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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

[Exclusive] "Personal Assistance" or "Pleasing Mr. Black"

Tabitha is the consummate professional.  Perhaps you can learn a few things about how to act at work.

I'm sure some of you know the blog run by Hugo Black & Tabitha.  Tabby ran her own blog for a while but then began collaborating with Hugo Black to bring us more wonderful content. I created this with them in mind because I liked the idea of playing with the work place as a setting.  Some of you wish for this to be your situation.  Until next time, dolls.


  1. This really pushed some of my buttons, in a good way. The story spoke to some of my own personal fantasies and resonated with them.

    And the design is just lovely. Especially the color in the black and white. Her expression combined with the colorization makes it look like the touch of his hand is bringing her to vibrant life, a completion of her, a indicator of her regard for him and what he has done.

  2. Very Sexy cap there Simone. It folds in so many great things.... office setting, training, training others, on the knees dictation, wonderful photo, color/b&w, Hugo Black & Tabitha, and of course your great design and layout.

  3. Wow, that is an amazing Cap Simone. It's beautiful, the B&W and the color. The pic behind the story, and the story itself, someone giving themselved completely, and wanting to please. Ohhh so good!

  4. Nowt like business school training now is there?
    Wonderful caption capturing the whole frision between Mr Black and the PA. You're hitting a button with one of my fantasies too.

  5. VERY powerful image choice... The inherent submission in her pose is extremely erotic in MY book.. I enjoyed the story you came up with very much...

    You pushed quite a few of my buttons, and deliciously brushed a few others....



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