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Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Portrait of Beauty" or "Artistic Pursuits"

Today's art lesson is form a man who learns vanity can consume you:

So who of you want to be made into a living embodiment of art?  Until next time, dolls.


  1. Excellent =)
    I wish I could find her so I could change too.

  2. I would love to be as beautiful a masterpiece as she is now. But to eternally seek more beauty? To never be satisfied or at peace with my body? I would like to pass on that part of the spell, if I may.

  3. Magnificent cap. Just... wow. ♥

  4. absolutely loved the cap!

  5. I'd love that to happen to me then I could be happy with my body

  6. Wow. That is hauntingly beautiful and sensuously horrifying. To be given such a wonderful gift, only to be forced to constantly replace it and change it never finding true satisfaction and happiness.


  7. Lovely cap. I'd love to be redrawn by suc a powerful woman.

  8. I love when you write sensually and this is one of your best!! The seduction of the change and the prose match the imagery.

    And I have to agree with Chaos and Caitlyn..always seeking beauty and never being satisfied makes me shiver. Everyday that I can find peace with myself is the true gift..this is a curse wrapped in a blessing.

  9. What a delicious punishment story :)

    Bonus points for pic selection.. What a perfectly EROTIC pose, so fitting with the tone of your text...

    I KNOW the curse is terrible and horrifying, but the incredible allure of her beauty makes me forget that, just for a moment, and feel a great and powerful jealousy...

    Is this wrong?

    THANK you,


  10. I'd love to be engorged in her pussy with many pictures of many women on the ceiling over us where she could see all of them. I've often thought it would be cool to be joined with a woman while she was morphing. I'd want her to enjoy it too.

  11. Oh and I would LOVE to be the one morphing for you Anonymous ;).

    I still adore this one Mistress, and the fact that you made it for me honors me deeply. It is, truly, spectacular :D.


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