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Thursday, June 7, 2012

"GIRL'S NITE!!!" or "Returning From Vacation"

Staring one of the lovely girls from the Haven who was nice enough to lend her own beautiful likeness:

Riley Jean is one of the few girls at the Rachel's Haven who's been brave enough to show us all images of herself.  I asked her if she would like a caption of her own images and she happily agreed.  Because it was something unique to my normal captions, I decided to think outside of the box.  This is the concept I came up with.  I wanted to use as many of the pictures Riley Jean sent me but it didn't fit into the ideas I had.  This became the compromise with the design. 

The visual is a big part of storytelling here as there is little in the way of description or background.  I wanted the screens to look as authentic as possible, so I really worked on those.  It took me longer than I would have liked but I was pleased with the final product. 

The following paragraphs pertain to something a little more personal.  If it's not your thing, you can go ahead and skip on down to the bottom to leave a comment or return when there is more caption content.  See you soon.  For those of you who read on . . . 

On to something less fun; one of the administrator girls at Rachel's Haven is stepping away from the community and departing.  I was always fond of Petra and while I wasn't as close to her as Dee, she meant a great deal to me.  Her own work inspired me to try some new things with captions and she always had a sweet word to say.  Her slipping off to leave is a happy occasion; she leaving on her own terms and it's all for the better so I'm happy for her in that regard.  Those of us who know her understand how much she meant to the haven and what she did to keep things going. While she never used her captioning talents beyond the Haven, she created a plethora of work that would leave most girls with gooey feelings inside.

For me personally, it means losing a friend within this little world of fantasy we all share and marks how long I've been doing this.  Petra began at the haven around the same time as me and was a star as soon as she stepped into the light.  For a good while, I had a lovely little troop of people to speak to around the haven and we all were pretty tight knit.  In the time I've been active at the haven I've watched newbies come and go within days of their first post, talented caption creators burn out after a month or so of catching the caption bug, and I've seen others step away and return YEARS later (I myself took time away for almost a year).  Most of the times it's without a word or reason why.  Often it's something more tragic or sad.  Petra leaves us all with a chance to say goodbye and wish her well.  We at the haven get to have good memories as she walks off into the sunset in her panties and heels. 

I also have to wonder how long I myself will continue.  I love keeping up this blog and I still love the escape this brings me, but I know that one day it will end.  People move on into other parts of their life and the world brings on changes.  I may one day come to the same conclusions Petra did.  When it comes, I'll give a heads up.  However, don't worry too much about me talking about all of this - I've got plenty of sexy ideas waiting to be done.  Evie has been making captions for about a decade and I would love to leave a library of vast sexiness and fantasy to be remembered . . . and hopefully inspire some more sexy dreams. 

Until next time, Dolls.


  1. Well said, and as I had mentioned in a PM, the caption was well designed and fun.

    I hope you have some stamina left .. I don't think we've bled your dry of your creativity quite yet. In fact, I think you are just hitting your stride again!

  2. great cap hun, and yes i will miss Petra also, she will be missed. hugs, Sedra.

  3. I love this cap so much! I think you may have found an amazing theme to work with. I really, really, really hope you continue this. Perhaps a series of texts with pictures?

    (In case I'm not stating how impressed and moved by this caption enough, I will bring out the big guns... that was the FIRST EVER caption I saw where I said, "damn, i wish i thought of that!!!")


    1. Thank you very much for the heartfelt expression. I wish I could take total credit for the idea, but I did see one of my friends use a similar idea. I've also used IM chat windows for captions and I do enjoy messing with it. Perhaps I'll try it again when I find the right pictures.

  4. That caption is great Simone! I love the layout and the 'texting' format works wonderfully!

    I agree that Petra will be missed. But I am glad that she is able to leave on her own terms and not be 'forced' to leave, or leaving quietly making us all wonder what happened.

  5. Really liked the background with your use of the other images, it felt warm and alive and not cluttered.

    I will miss Petra and I will miss her positivity. I am new to the Haven, only a few months but I don't think I ever saw a negative post from her, she was always positive and upbeat, and she left in the same way, with care and reassurance for her friends.

    Sad to see her go, but she went out as I always viewed her...a class act, a positive, a good example. And also, reminds me to be appreciative of people's good work making places like the Haven a fun, safe, positive place to be. Maybe overcome some of my shyness and be more vocal and appreciative of other's hard work, because everyone needs a boost and a good word now and again.

  6. Great caption idea.

    It's hard to really know what to say but as Petra's happy to be moving on to other things, all we can do is to thank her for her contributions and wish her well.

  7. Very cute cap and a creative layout! Frankly anyone who has a problem with transgender people really has their head in the sand since they are reading a blog filled with transgender fantasies.


  8. Very creative layout/presentation, and very brave of Riley Jean to post such pics :)

    I also was sorry to hear of Petra's departure... My presence at the Haven these days is pretty minimal, but she was always funny, friendly and welcoming. It was ALWAYS a joy to read her comments.

    I was not as close to her as Dee, you, and several others, but I considered her a friendly acquaintence.... one who will be missed :)

    Sorry to hear that you are questioning your stamina on creating captions. I often have similar thoughts. I think your recent work shows that you still have some creative juices left, though, so I hope you stick around for a while... But I AM a a selfish wench :)


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