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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Testimonial" or "Demonstration Model"

A pet is the best endorsement a mistress can have . . . .

I made this for a new girl at the haven.  She created a wonderful cap, so this is the return I created.  I had a bit of a time working on this story - the frame laid around for about a week or so before I finally wrote it!  Every story idea either didn't feel right or didn't flow well.  Finally it just came together early in the morning and I refined it some.

I've done stories like this before, but usually they don't involve the voice of the subject.  This time the subject willingly (maybe) gets to express her love for her new life. 

More to come.  until next time dolls.


  1. Oooo Ginger is so lucky! What a wonderful work, both the caption and the pet. I think this is my current fave!

  2. I think that Door to Door Saleswomen might make a comeback with this sort of demonstration!

    Very well done Simone! Glad you took the extra time to get it just right.

    I also agree that that testimonial MIGHT not be quite as willing as it could be LOL

  3. Well, not at first Dee, but Simone has her ways of persuasion! I loved the cap, and said so at the Haven, but it's so good I had to comment twice. I am glad the story came together for you, because it was perfect!

  4. So, why suddenly I feel the urge to prostrate to you?
    This was deliciously done Simone and I remember the demo cap you made to me, it's very similar only that here the sissy pet is allowed to talk

    If you will excuse I need to cool down now! ♥

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  5. That certainly is an effective testimony! Has me half convinced to leave one of your pamphlets where my girlfriend can find it ;)

  6. great cap hun,Ginger is in great hands giggle.

  7. I loved the look in this, the "Behave/Worship" glance, or so my mind read it between Mistress and Pet. Loved the fact that the pet was taller, which tickled me for personal reasons and gave credence to the story that she used to be her husband.

    And you nailed the "Business Presentation" aspect of it cleverly and well.

    Also the Pet's outfit and tan. Really felt like she was being shown off.

    Enjoyed this immensely. A fun and delightful Cap!!

  8. This one "wow"ed me :) I LOVE where you went with this pic. I'd never have thought of it! You nailed the mood/tone of the "sales pitch" PERFECTLY.

    THANK you :)



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