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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Vindictive Nature" or "Dangerous Liaisons"

I couldn't stay TOO sweet for long. . . Instead I turned to a tale of revenge. . .

I've always wanted to do a few more "period" caps, and this image seemed to invoke that desire.  When I showed it to a friend on chat, they nearly melted.  "YOU HAVE TO CAP THIS!" was their only word on it.  If the image could bring out such a powerful response, what would come of it paired with the right story?

I had to ideas for the story: the first was a bet between two noblewomen about the creating a perfect girl out of a boy.  Pygmalion in the most twisted sense.  The second was a revenge story of a jilted woman using her prowess and charm to get back at those who wronged her.  The revenge story won out because of the expression on the girl in silver's face - triumph and satisfaction. 

I had someone in mind pretty much the whole time when I did this.  I wanted it to be a sissy story, so I selected Mina from Rachel's haven - a relative newcomer who enjoyed wicked sissifcation stories.  Overall, I was happy with it . . . so many would love to wear such pretty dresses and the storyline was a lot of fun to do.  I'm toying with the idea of writing a complete story of this myself or seeing if one of my writer friends on Fictionmania would be interested in it.  We shall see.  What do you think I should do?  Love to hear your opinions. 

A sidenote - please vote for your favorite girl in the Glamour Games Series!   Only three days left and right now it's a tie for first place.  Remember, I'll be making a closing cap to recap the events of the games and you'll get to see who the winner is.  It only works if you vote for your favorite tribute!
Until next time, dolls.


  1. If it's a really dark Cap, but it's a turn the tables done well, I'll still love it. Love the period look of it and the expressions. *sighs*
    Love the image and the colors.

    I could see that whole story in my head almost just from the expressions.
    Your text was like the delicious dark chocolate icing on the cake.

    Longer story: Yes! oh Yes! Yes!

  2. What a lovely story of such wicked revenge! Miss Ravencroft is certainly a powerful player, I'd hate to be on her bad side.Or would I? ;)

    I haven't seen many period pieces before, but maybe I just wasn't looking. This was a beautiful piece of historical fiction.

  3. A beautiful costume drama, this is exactly the sort of thing we British love and this is exactly the sort of naughty drama that I particularly like. The image is hot and your capping just makes it even hotter, she's become the perfect instrument of sexy bitchiness ready to have her revenge. Brilliant stuff.

  4. It was an image that just ahd to be used in such an underatated but decisive manner.

  5. What an absolutely delicious roller-coaster of a revenge story :)

    You pushed a LOT of my buttons on this one, and the pic is exquisite!

    Thank you :)



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