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Thursday, June 21, 2012

[Exclusive] "Wondering" or "If He ONLY Knew"

This is a bit more personal, as it involved someone dear to me.  Still a good quickie cap can be fun for all!

This is for both me and someone special who adores quickness.  I didn't want to make anything heavy, just some popcorn fun that.  Honey loves silly and I wanted to do something for us both.  I plan to do something really sexy for her soon, but this should bring a smile to her face (and hopefully yours as well)

Until next time, dolls

(And you too, Honey-Doll)


  1. This did make me a smile.

    I love the possessive scheming of Simone in the Cap and the way she clutches Honey's shoulder in the image. The expression on her face. The text of the Cap and the humor of it. The slightly oblivious to her own charms Honey.

    And the fact that someone I adore and worship and consider a friend cared enough to make a Cap that says I'm thinking of you..things will get better...here's some silly fun to get you through during a week that was Pure Hell.

    So Thank you, Simone.

    With much Love and Appreciation
    Your Honey-Doll

  2. OOOOHHHHH IF you are going to add another girl to the relationship..... Where do I apply?

    Wonderful Cap Mistress so VERY sexy YUMMY! And Honey is so cute but um.... watch her she has an uncontrollable devilish streak.....

    Dani Colorado

  3. So cunning and a interesting caption.

  4. Very funny cap. I'm sure most guys don't think to compare cock size when looking at two sexy women... but maybe they should!

    1. Wouldn't that be the most emasculating thing that could happen for a cocky guy who thought he was God's gift to women? That he's not even enough of a man to have a dick bigger than the drag queen / shemale he thinks he's better than? I would assume that might sting what is left of his ego!

    2. Wonderful and a fitting conclusion to this cocky young mans attitude!

  5. I love the quickness of the story. I love the cute skirts and heels. I love the incredibly cute butts on your two models, but I ADORE the expression on "Simone's" face... It just SELLS the whole story wonderfully :)

    THANK you :)



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