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Monday, April 6, 2015

Secret Identity | Feminine Crisis

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Just your average, Mild-mannered gal pal

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When the package arrived, Jeff tore into the wrapping as quickly as possible.  His fingers shoveled through the packing peanuts until he found what he was searching for.  At last they had arrived;  the prop glasses from his favorite TV show, Crimson Dream.  The very same glasses the super heroine wore when she disguised herself as mild-mannered comic book artist/ tech genius/ model Jinn Faewise.  He couldn’t believe his dream girl had worn the same glasses he was holding!  

For the longest time Jeff simply stared at the designer rimmed glasses.  Then he took out his phone so he could take a picture of himself with them on; the jealousy of his friends comments would be so fun. Besides, how else could he get closer to his fantasy than to wear them?  Eventually he slid them over his eyes, distorting his vision for a brief moment.  As Jeff’s vision cleared, the air crackled around him with a warmth.  Some unseen entity surrounded him, pressing against his entire body.  Jeff’s body began to pulse underneath his skin while his clothing rapidly unraveled itself.  The strands of fabric shifted and rearranged itself while Jeff sighed from the relaxing sensations flowing around him.

The tingling ripples of energy were not at all unpleasant; quite the opposite in fact.  The distracting pleasure caused by this unknown power was clouding Jeff’s mind, distracting him as it worked to transform him.  His scalp tickled as flame orange hair exploded from his head, a flowing around a heart shaped face in wild strands.  They brushed his shoulders as they become slender and soft.  He giggled as his chest pulsed, creating modest breasts.  They jiggled as he took each breath, particularly as the soft fabric stained against the sensual material of his new shirt.  Plush lips replaced thinner ones, taking on a natural pink tint that made them appear very kissable.  

The chinching of Jeff’s waist felt like some invisible corset trying to permanently tame his body.  It demanded he adopt an hourglass frame.  The tugs against his body’s natural shape had an almost erotic sensation to them, fueling new thoughts corrupting Jeff’s mind.  Something inside him was making him comfortable with his new body - welcoming the changes.  It was familiar with the shift to the feminine, but not with Jeff.  Instead of stopping, it worked harder to make him accommodate it’s ideal image.  

Finally, the magic had completed it’s work.  The new petals of womanhood were between Jinn’s thighs.  She blinked as she adjusted her glasses, smiling at her new self.  The memories of working on set mingled with Jeff’s, creating a new version of the character.  It appeared the Crimson Dream had more than one secret identity.  


  1. Hi there. I must say that I loved it. I'm a big fan around here. ☺️ Take care 💋

    1. Thank you for taking the time out to comment, I really appreciate it! I'm also very glad you enjoy this.


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