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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Inescapable Delights | Intimates by Simone

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There's no secret here.

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I usually don't go to the well again so early, but I've enjoyed making these clothing-based transformations.  Don't be surprised to see more of this theme as time goes on.  For now, enjoy this one.  I'm actually thinking of doing a series for a magical clothing/intimates boutique.  I could even pair it up with bodysuit style stories and more.  Will come and visit Inescapable Delights?  You might find something pretty to wear . . . and to be. 


“So you want to back out now.?”  Don held the corset by two fingers, looking at it as if the thing would turn and consume him.  I merely grinned as I buttoned up my shirt.  “Next time don’t let your secretary pick your costume.”  I didn’t want to rub it in too much, but I was looking forward to seeing Don as a pin-up girl.  It would be all the sweeter standing there in my own superhero costume.  Still, I knew Don.  He was too stubborn to let a little thing like embarrassment stop him from schmoozing with the company suits.  I grinned when I saw him pull the corset around his midsection, slowly working the strings into place.

“Oh wow, this thing feels kind of . . . nice.” Don slowly pulled the strings through the next set of strings.  “At least Cheryl picked something comfortable.”

“I can’t imagine a corset being comfortable.”  I watched with fascination as the corset pulled tighter against Don’s body, slowly forcing his torso to contour.  “Wow that thing is working, your waist looks like it’s shrinking.”

“I know, this thing is high quality.”  Don was moving a bit faster and the garment was pulling tighter.  While he tugged on the strings, I noticed Don’s socks was creeping up his leg on their own.  I blinked for a moment, believing my eyes playing tricks on me, but I watched as they stretched and tugged upward well past their intended elasticity.  In fact, they were rapidly becoming more sheer.  Before long, Don’s hips were encased in fishnets.  

“Don, you ok buddy?”

“Never better, Frankie”  The throaty purr the emanated from him was nothing like his usual gruff voice.  I glanced upward to see a smoother, more youthful version of my friend panting.  “Oh yaaaassss.”  Don stumbled for a moment, eyes glassy while his hands continued pulling.  

“Hey, I think you should take that thing off…”

“Oh Gawd no.  I want to feel how tight it can get. .. . . aaaah! mmmmmm. . . .ooooh!. . . . gwad more. . . .  aaaahhhh!  MORE!”  The gasped rose an octave everytime Don laced up another loop.  Something inside of my friend was urging him to finish.  Each time he tugged, a little more of him changed.  Hair turned darker, longer with one pull.  Every hard edge and wrinkle was instantly replaced with gentle curves and soft flesh.  It was as if Don was squeezing the masculinity from himself.

I wanted to reach out and stop him, but I all I could do was watch with fascination.  He appeared to be in no pain - in fact Don looked as if he was in the throes of ecstasy.  The look of utter pleasure grew more intense the more feminine he became.  He moaned as breasts filled the top of the corset while his hips burst out of the bottom of the ever-tightening lingerie.  Finally, Don’s eyes flickered as an orgasmic moan flew from her ruby lips.  The corset had done it work.  It had taken the raw lump of Don and squeezed until he was a lush beauty.  This new woman had a seductive look of hunger in her gaze - all aimed squarely at me.

"Oh baby, it was so fun getting laced up, but now I don’t think I need it anymore.  Would you unlace me?  Dawn would be EVER so grateful, Frankie."  My hands trembled as I approached her, already reaching for the strings.  The way her eyes devoured me made me think we weren’t going to make it to the party.


  1. I love these stories. Can't wait for more!!

  2. I'll definitely come visit Inescapable Delights! When do you open? ;)

    1. I agree with you Beatrice =D I'll go there too.
      I found it very hot. Nice =)


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